Will 24 Million People 'Lose' Their Health Care Coverage If The Republican Health Care Plan Passes?

by FRANK HILL March 22, 2017

If you love the ACA (Affordable Care Act)  and President Obama, you want to believe 30 million people 'will lose their health care coverage if the mean old Republicans pass their bill!'

Senator Chuck Schumer: No SCOTUS Appointment While There Is A Cloud Hanging Over Trump's Head

by SUSAN JONES March 22, 2017

"They'll probably ask you about old cases, whether they were correctly decided," Grassley told Gorsuch. "They know that you can't answer, but they're going to ask you anyway."

Focus on Border Wall as Visa Overstays Create Illegal Immigrant Crisis

by JUDICIAL WATCH March 22, 2017

Securing the famously porous southern border is essential to national security but so is a reliable system that cracks down on visa overstays.

"Student" on "Alien Removal" List Charged With Raping 14-Year-Old Girl in Maryland High School Bathroom

by MICHAEL W. CHAPMAN March 21, 2017

WARNING: This report contains graphic details of an alleged rape on a 14-year-old girl in a Maryland public school by male suspects aged 18 and 17.

The Jihad Files: March 21, 2017

by JIHAD FILES March 21, 2017

In Iraq this week, ISIS burned a few children alive. This is a story that should have received executive-level attention in Western capitals, or at least from the traditional news media. But as usual, the true extent of jihadist evil is whitewashed and unexplored. 

Mexico Ranked (By Verisk Maplecroft) As World's Third Most Dangerous Country

by ALLAN WALL March 21, 2017

The consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft compiled a Crime Rate Index for calendar year 2016, and Mexico was in third place, as the third most dangerous country in the world. The list was released in December of 2016.

The Nihilism of Antifa

by EDWARD CLINE March 19, 2017

Antifa “soldiers” are impervious to the charge that their “anti-fascist” mantra allows them to behave like fascists, just as Hitler’s brown shirts behaved.

Five Ninth Circuit Judges Issue Rare Dissent Rebuking The Panel In Immigration Ruling

by JONATHAN TURLEY March 19, 2017

Critics of the order have celebrated the panel decision, though many of us (including opponents of the immigration order) criticized the opinion as poorly written and supported.

What does it mean to discredit radical Islamic ideology?

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD March 18, 2017

Many experts, genuine or self-proclaimed, assert that the battle against radical Islam will be won, not so much by killing its adherents, but by discrediting the ideology. That sounds profound indeed, yet, what exactly does it mean?

Is there a Doctor in the House? We Need Radical Surgery on the 'Ryancare' Bill

by DEROY MURDOCK March 16, 2017

Republicans shouldn’t propose a bill that’s to the left of one they sent Obama last year.

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