Census: More Americans 18-to-34 Now Live With Parents Than With Spouse

by TERENCE JEFFREY April 20, 2017

In the mid-1970s, young American adults--in the 18-to-34 age bracket--were far more likely to be married and living with a spouse than living in their parents’ home.

China - Paper Tiger or Fire Breathing Dragon

by DARLENE CASELLA April 17, 2017

The meeting between President Trump and Premier Xi has Pundits scratching their heads about inscrutable outcomes.

Want to Chart How Trump Is Doing On Job Front?

by FRANK HILL April 10, 2017

The hard absolute numbers of people actually working can not be as easily manipulated. They either go up in absolute numbers or down in absolute numbers. Pretty easy to see if you can understand elementary arithmetic.

Reversing Another Obama Policy, Trump Pulls Funding for UN Population Fund


The administration’s first confirmed cut to a U.N. agency will cost the UNFPA $32.5 million.

Judicial Watch Sues for Records between Key Obama Administration Scientists Involved In Global Warming Controversies

by JUDICIAL WATCH March 29, 2017

The suit was filed after the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (“NOAA”), a component of the Department of Commerce, failed to respond to a February 6 FOIA request seeking

Pray for Sanity

by DANIEL GREENFIELD March 27, 2017

Pray that your government doesn’t decide to open the borders to as many migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and any other terror state as can make their way over. Pray that the next government doesn’t do it either. And pray that if it does, they don’t move in near you.

The New Democratic Party

by HERBERT LONDON March 22, 2017

Where is the Democratic party? The party of political giants like FDR, LBJ and JFK is missing in action along with the letters that defined its heroes. This is now the party of Obama, Schumer, Pelosi – a facsimile of the past and a party without direction and policy guidelines.

Obama's People Must Not Determine Trump's Policies


The average Trump voter would probably find it unbelievable that two months into the presidency they elected to replace Barack Obama’s, the government is still almost entirely in the hands of Obama appointees.

Obama's Third Term is Here

by DANIEL GREENFIELD March 15, 2017

I warned that Obama was planning to run the country from outside the White House. And that the “Obama Anonymous” network of staffers embedded in the government was the real threat. Since then Obama’s Kalorama mansion has become a shadow White House.

The Ultimate Cyber Threat is to America's Electric Grid


For months it seems, each day has brought new revelations of actual or suspected cyber attacks.

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