Terrorism Trend Setters – The Palestinians

by DR. RACHEL EHRENFELD March 29, 2017

Plowing into crowds in speeding cars to kill large numbers of people and stabbing more when the car is forced to stop, is becoming the rage among jihadists operating in Europe.

The real danger to democracy

by DANIEL HANNAN March 28, 2017

I'm ashamed to say that I can't remember whether or not I met PC Keith Palmer, the policeman murdered by Khalid Masood in Parliament last week.

Dhimmitude: Get to know what it is

by VICTOR SHARPE March 28, 2017

This is the word that describes the parlous state of those who refused to convert to Islam...

France — Where an Age of Enlightenment Once Flourished, Turbidity Now Reigns


In France, particularly, challenges arose to the dogmas of the Catholic Church. Overcoming those challenges gave rise to many ideals we enjoy today such as liberty, progress, tolerance, constitutional government and separation of church and state.

The Bogeyman of Islam

by EDWARD CLINE March 27, 2017

Dumb, cautious statements about Islam also leave me bleary-eyed and big-footed, as well. Here is Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May on the terrorist attack on London’s Parliament and on the citizenry in general, as reported by Fox News...

Islam and the Jihad in London

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY March 27, 2017

It’s not non-Western. It’s anti-Western.

Pray for Sanity

by DANIEL GREENFIELD March 27, 2017

Pray that your government doesn’t decide to open the borders to as many migrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and any other terror state as can make their way over. Pray that the next government doesn’t do it either. And pray that if it does, they don’t move in near you.

An attack on our democracy

by DANIEL HANNAN March 24, 2017

Some evil people evidently think that Parliament is worth attacking

Trump surveillance: The Deep State attempts a head fake

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD March 23, 2017

Let the diversions and parsing of words begin. Take note of this British non-denial denial because you will see the same species of obfuscation being regularly produced at the U.S. political-media fake news farm.

London Terrorist Attack: UK police arrest 7 in massive pre-dawn raids

by SKY NEWS March 23, 2017

Seven people have been arrested during raids in London, Birmingham and elsewhere linked to the terror attack in Westminster.

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