Putin Threatens America with Nuclear Annihilation

by CLIFF KINCAID July 27, 2015

the U.S. is facing not only a nuclear weapons program, which is the case with Iran, but what our top generals are calling an “existential threat” to our survival as a nation.

Domestic Terror, Fear & Voters' Anger

by SALENA ZITO July 27, 2015

Larry Fitzpatrick woke at 3 a.m. two Fridays ago, hours after five servicemen were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tenn., and just knew he had to do something.

Iran Bombshell: It Will Inspect Itself

by FRED FLEITZ July 26, 2015

In its investigation of Iran’s past nuclear-weapons-related work, the IAEA will rely on Iran to collect samples at its Parchin military base and other locations.

Child Indoctrination: Why Radical Islamist Hatred is Like Riding a Bike


Saudi children learn early on that “Jews and Christians are enemies of the believers” and the struggle against them will endure for as long as God wills.

Congress Must Hold Obama Accountable for His Deception Over Iran

by ANDREW C. MCCARTHY July 25, 2015

By lying and withholding information about the agreement, he gives aid and comfort to America’s enemy.

“No” votes for Hillary, let us count the whys – maybe…

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE July 24, 2015

Will thoughtful people vote their conscience, supporting sound politics, or will people succumb to sound bite politics, with party allegiances continuing to drive elections?

Liberals will fuel racial tensions forever

by STAR PARKER July 23, 2015

Why pulling down the Confederate flag, although a laudable and positive step to move the country in the right direction, will not make much of a difference.

War and dishonor

by VICTOR SHARPE July 23, 2015

"You were given the choice between war and dishonor, you chose dishonor and will have war."

TWA Flight 800 Anniversary Stirs Memories [Video]

by ROGER ARONOFF July 23, 2015

Andrew Danziger, a 28-year airline veteran, spoke out this past April about the transparent government cover-up that took place nearly two decades ago.

The Immigration Question: Part Two

by EDWARD CLINE July 23, 2015

It is implied by the oath of office taken by Obama that he will defend the Constitution and this country from foreign powers and from domestic enemies. But he can’t defend either the country or the Constitution if his agenda is to see both torn apart by Islam and Amnesty.

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Sen. Claire McCaskill, former prosecutor, invokes Akin v. Twitter in Donald Trump case

July 27, 2015  11:14 PM

It is incompetent for any lawyer to not know that rape is rape. Now how about setting up a private server for classified documents?

Twitter to get much worse tomorrow with Daily Beast's story of Donald Trump rape allegation

July 27, 2015  10:30 PM

Trump's lawyer has already threatened to sue: "I'm going to mess your life up … for as long as you're on this frickin' planet."

Hillary Clinton promotes climate change agenda, hops on private jet that burns 347 gallons an hour

July 27, 2015  09:41 PM

The $5,850 per hour Dassault model Falcon 900B was the only thing left on the rental lot in Des Moines.

Ka-POW! Ed Morrissey expertly torches Lucas Neff, pro-abort movement

July 27, 2015  08:22 PM

"How can it be a pile of goop when @PPact is trading it as human livers, hearts, etc?"

It's just 'basic healthcare'! Elizabeth Warren defends Planned Parenthood … for the children

July 27, 2015  07:50 PM

"Basic healthcare to a liberal ... crush skulls, remove hearts, sells livers & make enough money to buy a Lamborghini."

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