Armed militias and concealed carry: It is Lexington and Concord time

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD November 24, 2015

While the Islamist groups want to render us defenseless against jihad in America, the political left wants to make us vulnerable to government tyranny.

A Thanksgiving Lesson to Remember.

by AMBASSADOR HENRY F. COOPER November 24, 2015

It is easy to become discouraged with bad news - especially during this week when we should be preparing to give thanks for the blessings of this great land we call home.

Thanksgiving Day – A needed reminder to count our blessings?

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE November 24, 2015

If ever there was an American Tradition that is, well as American as apple (or pumpkin) pie, it is Thanksgiving Day.

Obama’s Recipe for Disaster

by CHIP MCLEAN November 24, 2015

Barack Obama has spent the last seven years making good on his promise to “fundamentally transform” our nation.

Census Bureau: 21.6% of U.S. Children—15,931,000--on Food Stamps in 2014

by TERRANCE JEFFREY November 24, 2015

“One in Five Children Receive Food Stamps, Census Bureau Reports.”

Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS

by DANIEL GREENFIELD November 24, 2015

Last year Obama was vowing to destroy ISIS. Now he had settled for containing them. And he couldn’t even manage that.

Who is being delusional?

by CAROLINE GLICK November 24, 2015

"Abbas is not interested either in peace or in Palestinian statehood."

ISIS is inherently cowardly — to defeat it, hit it hard

by AMIR TAHERI November 23, 2015

The homeopathic airstrikes, reluctantly ordered by Obama, have boosted ISIS’s narrative of Islamic victimhood without doing much real damage.

Take Off the Gloves and Level ISIS HQ

by DEROY MURDOCK November 23, 2015

Let’s be generous and say that President Obama is half-hearted in fighting the ongoing battle against ISIS and the wider War on Radical Islam.

The Enemy we face must be Ruthlessly Defeated, not Appeased

by BILL CONNOR November 22, 2015

With the despicable ISIS attacks in Paris, followed by the aerial bombing response by France against ISIS forces in Racca, Syria; we are seeing many on the Left double-down on a failed strategy of appeasement.

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