The 3-Step Plan to Repealing and Replacing Obamacare

by FRANK HILL March 14, 2017

If you had never heard of the differences between the US House and the US Senate in Washington, you are about to learn a lot about them in a very short time frame.

The Baker's Dozen Principals of Nuclear Deterrence

by PETER HUESSY March 7, 2017

To get the nuclear business right, you have to start with a Baker’s Dozen of nuclear principals. They are:

Breitbart To Bannon

by TOM MCLAUGHLIN February 28, 2017

It’s all-out war now. Bannon was at CPAC himself last week on a panel with Trump Chief-of-Staff Preibus ... He usually stays behind the scenes, so this was a rare, out-front appearance. He told his audience that President Trump will not moderate his positions, and will push them even harder.

Whom to Blame for Oroville — and How President Trump Can Fix It

by FRANK J. GAFFNEY, JR. February 22, 2017

The forecast is for more rain around the Oroville Dam – and potential disaster for hundreds of thousands of Californians living downstream from its poorly designed emergency spillway.

An Execrable Coup––An Exhilarating Counter-Coup

by JOAN SWIRSKY January 17, 2017

Again, the left’s vile behavior is not objectively funny. But as PE Trump systematically swats away these irritants like so many pesky gnats, I have to admit that I’m loving every minute!

A Republic If You Can Keep It!

by AMBASSADOR HENRY F. COOPER December 2, 2016

Our Founders distrusted centralized power and sought to keep major political powers at the state and local level.

Obama Attempts to Distort His Legacy

by ROGER ARONOFF November 30, 2016

“As I told my staff, we should be very proud that their work has already ensured that when we turn over the keys, the car’s in pretty good shape,” Obama told the press on November 14.

Today is the day…. #GivingTuesday


We are celebrating a day dedicated to giving – when charities, families, businesses, community centers, students, retailers and all come together for #GivingT uesday – a movement to celebrate giving and encourage more, better and smarter giving during the holiday season that we are proud to be part of.

Jail House Rock

by EDWARD CLINE November 21, 2016

Comey and Lynch should both rehearse “The Jailhouse Rock.” They could learn to harmonize with Prisoner Clinton. It would be an unusual vocal trio.

NAACP denies education civil rights

by STAR PARKER November 2, 2016

The real discrimination taking place is taking education choice away from black parents and forcing black children to remain in failing schools.

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