Twenty BEST memories of my time in the Corps

by W. THOMAS SMITH, JR. June 24, 2017

Most Marines – primarily those who served in infantry units – may be able to relate. Others may see parallels. Outsiders may make no connection at all.

The West's Endless 'Whack-A-Caliph' Campaign


Lt. Col. James Zumwalt looks at reported demise of ISIS' al-Baghdadi

Republicans Sweep All Four of Their Special Elections

by SUSAN JONES June 21, 2017

"High-Stakes Referendum on Trump Takes Shape in a Georgia Special Election," said the headline in The New York Times on June 18.

Expel all North Korean diplomats in the U.S

by FRED FLEITZ June 21, 2017

This is just such a terrible story. The North Korean government murdered this young man. They murdered him. And we know that North Korea is a criminal regime. But what I’m very angry about is how the Obama administration did almost nothing to get him back.”

Reflection on Al Minya's bus attack: How massacre leads to Sharia law

by ASHRAF RAMELAH June 21, 2017

A passenger saturated in the blood of her son offered her painful story to him, …on our way the bus suddenly stopped. Their masks revealed they were terrorists coming onto the bus.

Two Alleged Hezbollah Jihadists Arrested In U.S.

by MICHAEL CUTLER June 20, 2017

Immigration (naturalization) was the key to their terrorist activities.

People Who Believe 'Government Can Solve Everything' Obviously Have Never Worked In It

by FRANK HILL June 20, 2017

Before you start screaming about any federal or state government budget cuts proposed by President Trump or the mean old Republicans in any legislature, ask yourself the following questions...

Expect an ugly rumble in Raqqa

by DR. PETER BROOKES June 19, 2017

This fight has been some three years coming, since ISIS took the city in 2014 from the Syrian army. The assault comes none too soon for us and others, considering past and recent ISIS-related terrorist attacks at home and abroad.

U.S. Government Confirms Connection between Mexican Drug Cartels and ISIS

by ELENA TOLEDO June 19, 2017

Tillerson was questioned by Texas State Rep. Michael McCaul about whether he shared concerns with National Security Secretary John Kelly regarding the connection between “criminal networks and terrorist networks.”

Saudi Arms Deal Advances; But Dangers Remain

by WILLIAM R. HAWKINS June 19, 2017

The narrow GOP majority in the Senate is not just threatened by Democrat filibusters. There are more than enough Republicans suffering from the malignant pre-condition of libertarian isolationism to flip the balance in the chamber when national security issues are at stake.

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