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Trump Presidency Takedown Effort is Underway

by ROGER ARONOFF May 23, 2017

“I’m not trying to normalize him in any way. I’m trying to do what reporters do…report and try to emphasize what I think was important here.”

The Juggernaut and the Jerks

by JOAN SWIRSKY May 17, 2017

Wanna see Democrats and media hacks weep? Hand them this list!

Memo to President Trump – don't lose focus; after 100 days you are making a difference

by DR. ROBIN MCFEE May 15, 2017

Not that you would read it in the “attack Trump media” but the president is making good on some of his campaign promises, and it appears some of his early efforts are paying off.

Russia's New Global Aims


The Cold War is back, but it is a different Cold War because it is a different Russia. It is important to know who the Russians are and what has shaped their worldview, including their sometimes justified suspicion and hostility toward the US.

100 Days of President Trump: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

by DEROY MURDOCK May 1, 2017

From Gorsuch to bungled Obamacare repeal to the Left’s assassination chic

Netanyahu's bold move against Europe

by CAROLINE GLICK May 1, 2017

Long in the making and increasingly urgent, Israel’s new strategy is very simple. Foreign governments can either treat Israel in accordance with international diplomatic norms of behavior, or they can continue to discriminate against Israel.

Obama's hidden Iran deal giveaway

by JOSH MEYER April 26, 2017

By dropping charges against major arms targets, the administration infuriated Justice Department officials — and undermined its own counterproliferation task forces.

Facing The Budget

by HERBERT LONDON April 24, 2017

Each year legislators sharpen their knives, consider key constituent needs and meet to pass a budget. This year isn’t very different except that when the Republicans could not unify to replace the Affordable Care Act, unexpected questions about the party emerged.

China - Paper Tiger or Fire Breathing Dragon

by DARLENE CASELLA April 17, 2017

The meeting between President Trump and Premier Xi has Pundits scratching their heads about inscrutable outcomes.

Syria tops Tillerson's agenda for first official visit

by DR. PETER BROOKES April 17, 2017

Naturally, the Russians aren’t happy at the American slap at its ally, in the form of U.S. warships raining down Tomahawk cruise missiles on the regime’s air force after Damascus’ criminal gassing last week of its own people with the chemical weapon, sarin.

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