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CAIR Mourns Charlie Hebdo, Yet Advocates Censorship

January 27, 2015

A trip down a bad memory lane, though, is necessary in order to evaluate critically CAIR’s commitment to free speech rights with proverbial grains of salt equivalent to the Dead Sea’s renowned salinity.

Obama/Cameron Oped Hides a Catch 22

January 25, 2015

The two analytical geniuses link the underlying cause for the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris not on Islamic extremists but on economically disadvantaged ones.

What al-Sisi Didn’t say at Al-Azhar University

January 21, 2015

Once the Islamic Empire led the world in intellectual and cultural change as well as economic and military power. Then it closed its doors.

Islam, CAIR and Politically Correct Speech

January 19, 2015

The symbiosis between politically correct speech and CAIR’s enables America’s submission to Islam.

The Left Rejects National Unity

January 18, 2015

The attack on Charlie Hebdo posed a problem for radicals because it was essentially a left-wing publication. It was not just Muslims who were satirized but Jews and Christians (especially Catholics) as well.     

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10 year FSM Anniversary

UN halts its Gaza rebuilding efforts as Middle East donor nations fail to make good on billions in aid

January 27, 2015  07:12 AM

Hamas' allies at work.

'Death Dealer': Scott Walker campaign poster gets dark fantasy makeover

January 26, 2015  11:40 PM

"Needs more skulls."

Report: Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

January 26, 2015  10:05 PM

"Confirmed? Reliable? Hope so."

'Butthurt cream is on Aisle 9′: Sen. Harry Reid unhappy with Sen. McConnell's leadership

January 26, 2015  08:58 PM

"The most chutzpahdik tweet of the young century."

Will Dunkin' Donuts be open tomorrow? Gov. Chris Christie advises constituents

January 26, 2015  08:01 PM

Is this the governor himself tweeting? Sure sounds like it.

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