New Emails Show Hillary Clinton Contacts with Bryan Pagliano – Raise New Questions About Her Sworn Testimony

October 20, 2016

The emails reveal direct communications between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her top IT specialist, Bryan Pagliano, about management problems.

The Antidote- Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood

October 20, 2016

Peterson contrasts the difference between his black activism and the alchemy of most notorious black activists such as Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

19-Year-Old Muslim Migrant RAPES 90-Year-Old Grandmother Coming Home from Church

October 20, 2016

GERMAN police have arrested a 19-year-old Moroccan migrant on suspicion of raping a 90-year-old woman who had been attending a church service.

The Long Sunday: Election Day 2016 - Inauguration Day 2017 (Part One)

October 19, 2016

Parallels between weak U.S. defense and foreign policies today, and Western weakness that virtually invited aggression by Nazi Germany and the outbreak of World War II in 1939, are so striking that it has become commonplace for defense analysts to say so.

Suicidal Democracy

October 19, 2016

Once a majority becomes dependent on government for bread they will lick the hand that feeds them - vote for them in democratic elections.

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