The new Christian black leadership

July 21, 2016

Today the NAACP is part of the status quo and, despite its rhetoric, now fights to protect special interests.

Getting a Handle on Heroin

July 19, 2016

Hard drugs are no longer the province of small numbers of drug addicts in big city back-alleys, but increasingly afflict all classes in American society in urban and rural areas

Obama and the most successful national subversion in world history

July 11, 2016

Obama's "transformation" is a euphemism for the crippling and humbling of a great nation he considers racist, oppressive, venal and dysfunctional. He warned us.

American Exceptionalism

July 2, 2016

What has made America exceptional was articulated at our inception, in the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration, The Constitution, The Gettysburg Address and Barney Fife

July 2, 2016

John Adams wanted the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence to be celebrated with fireworks, but take some time to read what the document (and others) actually said.

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