Obama Attempts to Distort His Legacy

November 30, 2016

“As I told my staff, we should be very proud that their work has already ensured that when we turn over the keys, the car’s in pretty good shape,” Obama told the press on November 14.

Trumping the ivy walls

November 28, 2016

Academia must face up to subversive practices

Unraveling Democratic deception

November 8, 2016

Media-backed lies that lifted Obama cannot sustain Hillary

The Reemergence of Tribalism

November 2, 2016

Rather than singing kumbayah each morning, tribes are displaying a form of loyalty bred in the bone. In fact, tribalism is alive and well and driving political judgments across the globe.

The "Too Hard to Do" Syndrome

October 31, 2016

America has lost some of its faith we had that spring day when our astronauts spoke to us from a distance of 240,000 miles.

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