Obama’s Big Government Does Everything for You

August 31, 2015

Michelle Obama has become America’s K–12 chef-in-chief. Her federally mandated recipes are awful.

$335 Mil Afghan Power Plant Funded by U.S. Ruined Due to Lack of Use

August 27, 2015

It marks the latest of many scandals involving the U.S. government’s multi-billion dollar Afghanistan “reconstruction” effort, which has been rife with waste, fraud and abuse.

Katrina Ten Years Later

August 27, 2015

Hurricane Katrina killed 1,833 people, made 1.2 million people homeless and cost $81 billion. Beyond the statistics and the horror, there are still inspiring human lessons from that event.

America’s big ‘green’ wrecking machines

August 24, 2015

Politically connected industrial wind zealots are destroying rural America and electricity markets

Making Environmentalism Divisive

August 19, 2015

Mines are being boarded up and thousands of coal jobs are vanishing across America.

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Mine owner slams EPA

August 15, 2015

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10 year FSM Anniversary

PETA rips Obama for plan to appear on Bear Grylls' 'sexist, speciesist' show

August 31, 2015  04:26 PM

Obama's latest move is more than PETA can Bear.

New Iowa poll shows 'the loud one and the quiet one' tied; Ben Carson catches up with Donald Trump

August 31, 2015  04:04 PM

A lot of people like the idea of President Trump and Vice President Carson.

Latest State Dept. release to include '150 Clinton emails with classified information'

August 31, 2015  03:40 PM

"Just keeps getting worse."

'Her defense is incompetence'? Team Hillary's email excuse digs deeper hole

August 31, 2015  02:28 PM

"I'm not a liar. I'm just an idiot. Vote for me!"

'This is a joke, right?' Obama to hone outdoor survival skills on 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'

August 31, 2015  01:38 PM

Having solved all other problems...

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