Popping the Iranian Cork in the Strait of Hormuz

May 24, 2016

Little publicized, however, is this: In a 2002 effort to keep the Strait open against Iranian forces, the U.S. Navy was soundly defeated — losing sixteen ships in the process!

Ben Rhodes Stiffs Congress on His National Security Fraud

May 19, 2016

Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor wouldn’t defend the deception he’s acknowledged perpetrating on Congress, the media and the American people to sell the so-called Iran nuclear deal.

Making America Great Again: A Short Story

May 18, 2016

Now grasshoppers, stay with me. The GAO says that according to IRS every year there is $125 billion in tax fraud where the US Treasury pays folks ...criminal gangs filing totally fraudulent tax returns.

Our Racist Trees

May 18, 2016

National parks don’t care what race you are. Trees are as blind to color as they are to everything else. Forests don’t need to be made more inclusive.

Stick It, Mike

May 16, 2016

It doesn’t take much to annoy the “Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Studies” as Micheal Mann refers to himself.

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