Obama Directs Federal Agencies to Consider Climate Change As a National Security Issue

September 23, 2016

"Climate change poses a significant and growing threat to national security, both at home and abroad…"

Green Energy Revolution Folly

September 23, 2016

Promoters of renewable energy sources -- the supposed “low environmental impact” alternative to fossil fuels -- are putting forth a false narrative…

A Look Into The American Leadership & Policy Foundation

September 18, 2016

Interview with Chairman Stuckenberg

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism

September 14, 2016

As Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism

Records Show Obama Hired Behavioral Experts to Expand Use of Govt. Programs

September 12, 2016

The controversial group of experts is collectively known as the Social and Behavioral Sciences Team and it functions under the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

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