Ten Thoughts re: Bibi Netanyahu’s Speech

March 5, 2015

And while Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complains about being intellectually “insulted” by the speech as if she knows the enemy we are dealing with, she clearly does not.

The Prime Minister of Israel Addresses Congress: A Just War in the Second Nuclear Age

March 4, 2015

And what has been the Obama Administration response, other than providing a cold shoulder to the Prime Minister? “The prime minister didn’t offer any viable alternatives,” Mr. Obama said.

Bibi Gives Obama a Taste of His Own Medicine

March 3, 2015

Bibi accepted an invitation extended to him by Boehner. Bibi was under no obligation to check and see if Obama “approved” of Congress’ invitation. Bibi is the most blameless character in this story.

Did Obama threaten to shoot down Israeli planes if they struck Iran?

March 3, 2015

Israel is a sovereign state with the right to exist and protect itself from declared existential threats such as Iran and its Islamic terrorist proxies.

America—You be the Judge

March 3, 2015

President Obama’s adamant refusal to link the barbaric atrocities committed by the Islamic State and affiliated al-Qaeda militias to Islam is an insult to the intelligence of all thinking Americans.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Trying to be funny'? John Kerry's reaction to Hillary's email scandal sounds just a tad snarky

March 05, 2015  01:11 PM

Snark Power!

How pathetic is THIS? Hey, MSM, 'TMZ just ate your lunch' on Hillary emails

March 05, 2015  12:53 PM

"You guys sure do suck."

'That's a joke, right?' Sadly, no: This Dem Rep's claim about Hillary's emails is totally off the rails

March 05, 2015  12:30 PM

How idiotic and insane is Rep. Cummings? THIS idiotic and insane.

What if? Jonah Goldberg shows how Dems would react if Cheney pulled a Hillary [video]

March 05, 2015  11:55 AM

Let's face it: He's probably not too far off.

Feel like fuming? Check out what this Guardian journo wants you to believe about Hillary email scandal

March 05, 2015  11:27 AM

Journalism is dead, part 723. What this journo claims about Hillary's email scandal will make you fume.

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