No Let-Up in Attacks On Europe's Jews

April 1, 2015

Seventy years ago this month, Anne Frank died in the concentration camps of Bergen-Belsen

The Aftermath of Netanyahu’s Victory

March 31, 2015

Despite the vigorous efforts of the Obama team to unseat Netanyahu in the recent Israeli elections, he prevailed.

Obama’s Two State Tantrum

March 31, 2015

Obama’s international doubletalk has gotten so bad that John Kerry actually had to tell the Russians to ignore Obama’s public statements about Russia.

Would Jesus Boycott the Jews?

March 29, 2015

The United Methodist Church’s General Board of Global Ministries for Human Rights & Racial Justice presents anti-Israel activism as a form of radical Christian love.

Managing Obama’s War Against Israel

March 29, 2015

Is there any reason to believe Obama can be appeased? Today the White House is issuing condemnations of Israel faster than the UN.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

#MemoriesPizza closes due to threats from Tolerance Brigade; GoFundMe campaign takes off

April 01, 2015  07:44 PM

LOTS of money being raised.

'Who needs Democrats?' GOP Sen. Mark Kirk calls Ind. RFRA law bigoted, 'un-American'

April 01, 2015  07:15 PM

"What's worse? That @SenatorKirk is simply pandering to liberal voters or that he's stupid enough to believe this?"

'Are you for real?' Look how this Indiana journo described violent threat against #MemoriesPizza

April 01, 2015  06:52 PM

"Journalism professional."

'Everything is awesome?' Marie Harf's Iran negotiations update translated

April 01, 2015  06:40 PM

What's the current location of the red line? You make the call!

'April Fools gag'? NYT asks if this affliction could cost Scott Walker the White House

April 01, 2015  05:43 PM

Doggone desperate for excuses to write off the Wisconsin governor.

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