It Takes Islam to Defeat Islam

January 25, 2015

The West fails to recognize as immutable fact that radical Islam is not just a religion; it is also a political totalitarian movement, just like communism or fascism.

Changes in the ‘Muslim rage’ racket

January 25, 2015

The attack on Charlie Hebdo and its aftermath has changed some of the established “givens” of a confrontation between Western democracies and self-styled leaders of the Ummah of Islam.

Christian Persecution Worldwide Has Become A Metastasizing Cancer

January 25, 2015

The “cancer of Christian persecution is metastasizing” in an “epidemic” that is “spreading at an unprecedented rate in modern times,” ...

Civilized Muslims Tell Savage Muslims What They Need to Hear

January 22, 2015

Meanwhile Obama stiffs the French and twists words into knots to avoid the truth.

Why the Left Refuses to Talk About Muslim Anti-Semitism

January 22, 2015

Muslim anti-Semitism needs to be addressed on its own if for no other reason than that it’s the dominant form of violence against Jews in Europe.

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Death Dealer': Scott Walker campaign poster gets dark fantasy makeover

January 26, 2015  11:40 PM

"Needs more skulls."

Report: Bowe Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

January 26, 2015  10:05 PM

"Confirmed? Reliable? Hope so."

'Butthurt cream is on Aisle 9′: Sen. Harry Reid unhappy with Sen. McConnell's leadership

January 26, 2015  08:58 PM

"The most chutzpahdik tweet of the young century."

Will Dunkin' Donuts be open tomorrow? Gov. Chris Christie advises constituents

January 26, 2015  08:01 PM

Is this the governor himself tweeting? Sure sounds like it.

Executive amnesty skeptics reject overwhelming bullet point consensus

January 26, 2015  06:52 PM

"Racist, anti-science tea-baggers."

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