Senator Cruz Exposes 'Willful Blindness' to Jihad

June 29, 2016

Fortunately, even as Islamists were blowing up Turkey’s biggest airport yesterday, the first serious congressional oversight hearing since 9/11 was illuminating why such acts of Islamic holy war have been obscured, denied and arguably enabled by the U.S. government.

Election 2016 – Rome is burning, and someone wants to be Nero?

June 29, 2016

Definition of a politician: someone who is kissing your baby, or stealing its lollipop.

Olympic Countdown: Al Qaeda Terrorist Released from Gitmo Sneaked into Brazil, Whereabouts Unknown

June 29, 2016

The Islamic terrorist’s name is Jihad Ahmad Diyab and Obama sent him to Uruguay along with five fellow Gitmo inmates as part of a misguided plan to shut down the U.S. military prison at the Naval base in southeast Cuba.

CAIR Hilarity: We Welcome "Significant, Healthy Debates" Among Muslims

June 28, 2016

While simultaneously calling for more empowered Muslim voices, CAIR accuses Jasser, a Muslim, of promoting hatred and prejudice against his faith because he disagrees with CAIR politically.

Obama and the moderate Muslims

June 28, 2016

Obama’s actual schemes for relating to – as opposed to acknowledging, fighting or defeating – the forces of jihad involve empowering those forces at the expense of the moderates who oppose them.

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