Nuclear Deterrence is Job #1

September 20, 2014

We meet at an interesting time for nuclear deterrence and strategic issues—to say the least.

Let’s Get Serious About Radical Islam

September 18, 2014

Does Obama's plan have any chance of success? No.

The Dithering Commander in Chief.

September 7, 2014

Barrack Hussein Obama is the example of what happens when the mightiest nation on earth elects a politician whose worldview is to naively make the world a level playing field.

The Steady Abrogation of Freedom

September 7, 2014

The government is not the only prey on our freedoms. Islam is its major partner in that crime.

Wolves at NATO’s door

September 5, 2014

Hard choices on Ukraine, ISIS await

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Robert Kennedy Jr. 'gets handsy' with PJTV's Michelle Fields at climate march [video]

September 22, 2014  00:12 AM


'LOL, Okay bro': Actor says 'Madame Secretary' totally not about Hillary

September 21, 2014  11:34 PM

"And the timing is just a coincidence!"

CTU President Karen Lewis considering run against 'Murder Mayor' Rahm Emanuel

September 21, 2014  10:45 PM

This should be ugly.

At Busch Stadium, Michael Brown protesters promise #NoJusticeNoBaseball [Vine]

September 21, 2014  09:57 PM

What happened to #NoJusticeNoFootball?

'Not a cult': Fasting for the 'climate change crisis' [pics]

September 21, 2014  09:54 PM

"Unshackle the world from the tyranny of greed."

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