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The Missiles of July

July 30, 2014

Like 9-11 and Benghazi, and other terrorist attacks, rogue terrorist actors including states, don't send us warning telegrams that something is coming over the horizon.

Iran General: We Will Hunt Down Israelis House To House

July 30, 2014

“Imam [Khomeini] with the statement that Israel must be wiped from the face of the Earth gave a true message to the world. This message enlightened the Muslims and became the concept on the streets of Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.”

Faith, Freedom, and Fanaticism in the Middle East

July 30, 2014

A Washington, DC conference exposes the desires by Muslims and non-Muslims alike for a Middle East with freedom of speech and religion that many would only describe as a fantasy

Obama to the rescue – of Hamas

July 30, 2014

Israel has found tunnels with shafts rigged with bombs located directly under Israeli kindergartens.

Gaza on the Pacific

July 30, 2014

Why does Israel battle Hamas? Visualize San Diego in the hands of Mexican revanchists.

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'President 'Do Something' doesn't really want to let the House do anything

July 30, 2014  05:17 PM

"You know what the call a country where the legislature does everything the President wants? A dictatorship."

Shrug-nado: Rep. John Dingell unimpressed with the whole 'Sharknado' concept

July 30, 2014  04:21 PM


Obama grabs squeeing woman at dinner; These captions will have you giggling madly [photo]

July 30, 2014  02:36 PM

"Worst. Edvard Munch. Ever."

'President Bieber': Obama tells his opponents to stop 'hatin' all the time'

July 30, 2014  12:42 PM

They see him rollin' ...

'Nonpartisan'! Lois Lerner email bemoans right-wing 'crazies,' 'a-holes' [photo]

July 30, 2014  11:57 AM

"Well now."

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