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The Anatomy of a Deception

August 26, 2016

The part of the story that they are missing, however, is that what the administration did was highly illegal, according to statutes we still have on our books.

People Join Terrorist Groups When ‘They Have Trouble Finding Meaning or Opportunity in Their Daily Lives’

August 26, 2016

People join terrorist groups, because they are “deeply frustrated and alienated – and because they hope groups like Boko Haram will somehow give them a sense of identity…”

Obama Administration's Pro-Islamist Foreign Policy

August 26, 2016

But his bad foreign policy goes beyond even his abandonment of the good people of Iran.

Russia muscles U.S. aside in Mideast

August 25, 2016

Putin teams up with Iran in bid for power, influence

Saudi-Sponsored Report Grossly Inflates U.S. Muslim Hate Crimes

August 24, 2016

In several cases, the authors misrepresented what was reported by the media, claiming as hates crimes cases that were never investigated as hate crimes.

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