While Obama Officials Bloviate About Settled ‘Science,’ DoD Scientists Fear Air Transmission of Ebola

October 30, 2014

Government scientists are obviously concerned about air transmission in the here and now, even as the spin-meisters claim it cannot happen.

Our Hospitals Not Ready for Ebola

October 15, 2014

The news that a nurse who’d treated Thomas Eric Duncan has Ebola puts the lie to the CDC’s repeated assurances that “US hospitals can safely manage patients with Ebola.”

Obama Misleads Students About Climate and Energy

October 14, 2014

Climate change actually has little to do with energy choices

Obama: Peter-Principled Presidency or Trail Of Treason?

October 12, 2014

History will inevitably determine Barack Obama was the most severely leadership-challenged U.S. president in modern times.

Earth-Friendly Energy Is Anything But

September 28, 2014

Despite their pristine appearance, however, these “green” electricity sources hammer Mother Nature — often fatally.

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