Global Urban Renewal

January 31, 2015

Al Gore and Felipe Calderon want to stuff you into a box in order to “save the planet.”

Disease uncontrolled: Swift decline of the CDC

January 19, 2015

With flu raging through 46 states, the CDC is taking center stage, advising the public and physicians. But the agency increasingly isn’t up to its task.

Science and Faith

December 27, 2014

Science is the process of determining the behavior of matter. Faith is any belief beyond the discovery of reason.

Still More Politicized Pseudo-Science?

December 17, 2014

The neonics and honeybees saga takes interesting, potentially fraudulent turn.

Needed: Accurate climate forecasts

November 24, 2014

Focusing on carbon dioxide (because that’s where the money is) threatens forecasts, and lives

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10 year FSM Anniversary

President Obama celebrates Super Bowl halftime with photo of himself

February 01, 2015  08:13 PM


Tweeters aren't happy that Pres. Obama drinks his beer with a raised pinkie #SB49

February 01, 2015  06:18 PM

"No self respecting man from Chicago drinks a beer with his pinkie raised."

'What a dumbass': Obama called out over erroneous claim during NBC interview [vine]

February 01, 2015  05:13 PM


'So classy': DNC 'rubbing it in' with its latest 'moronic' magnet [photo]

February 01, 2015  04:46 PM

Way to remain true to yourselves, Dems.

Common Core: Maryland school defies mother's refusal to have special needs son tested

February 01, 2015  03:54 PM

"Betrayal of trust."

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