"First Hundred Days" – President-Elect Trump Bypasses Accepted Tradition

January 17, 2017

What has Trump accomplished as President-Elect? The below list only includes the highlights of a truly remarkable (and exciting) transition period.

An Execrable Coup––An Exhilarating Counter-Coup

January 17, 2017

Again, the left’s vile behavior is not objectively funny. But as PE Trump systematically swats away these irritants like so many pesky gnats, I have to admit that I’m loving every minute!

The "No Scandals" Obama Administration Revisited

January 4, 2017

Nothing could be further from the truth. Fast & Furious, the IRS targeting scandal, Benghazi, and the Veterans Administration scandal are but a taste of President Obama’s scandal-ridden leadership.

Political correctness and opioids

December 27, 2016

In the age of political correctness the heroin epidemic is just getting worse

Ken Burns: Student of History—or Left-Wing Gasbag?

December 22, 2016

Ken Burns is known as a PBS documentary creator, but he is actually a significant cog in the left-wing propaganda machine.

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