Gunman executes 2 NYPD cops as ‘revenge’ for Garner

December 21, 2014

“The cops were struggling to get out of the vehicle,” eyewitness Courtney Felix, 23, of Bed-Stuy, told The Post. “They were hanging onto their wounds.

Chanukah Celebrates Rededication

December 17, 2014

Sometimes I think that Jews are going to have to arm themselves in order to celebrate Chanukah.

Media Still Demonizing Police

December 9, 2014

People are laughing at, and not with, comedian Jon Stewart, now that he has been caught by a District Attorney smearing police officers.

Race, Ferguson, Assault Statistics and Perspective

December 6, 2014

One of the toughest things to do in America today is to have a 'conversation' about race.

A Surveillance State for Cops

December 5, 2014

Perhaps these body-worn cameras ought to be used by high-level government officials, in order to sniff out corruption such as the location of missing IRS emails.

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