9 Fulfillments of Paul Harvey's 'If I Were the Devil'

October 11, 2017

One of his best-known broadcasts was a 1964 soliloquy on the decline of American moralism aptly titled “If I Were the Devil: How to Destroy America.”

'Get off your d-mn knees' - A gold star mother’s open letter to the NFL

October 10, 2017

This Sunday, it was 11 years since two Marines showed up at our door to tell us that my husband’s first child, my stepson and our two children’s brother, Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Cosgrove III, 23, was killed by a suicide bomber at a checkpoint in Iraq.

USA's End of the Road Carefully Crafted for Decades

October 6, 2017

We have had a number of liberals/progressives/leftists elected the office of POTUS. However, none were—arguably—quite as damaging as was the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and his team.

#8 The Humanitarian Hoax of Sanctuary Cities: Killing America With Kindness

October 5, 2017

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Is the Las Vegas Mass-Murderer a Terrorist?

October 3, 2017

The answer appears to be ‘yes’ under Nevada law, and ‘maybe’ under federal law.

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