Listen This Time or HUD Will Destroy Your City

July 28, 2016

Social Justice is purely based on redistribution of wealth. Your wealth. That’s money you worked for, saved, invested, and protected for YOUR needs; YOUR dreams; YOUR future.

Obama Attendance at Paris Climate Change Conference Cost Taxpayers $2,976,296.20

July 27, 2016

The most money was spent at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand, a historic hotel built in 1862 that is called a “luxury” hotel that “defines historic grandeur,” according to its website.

How 'sanctuary hospitals' cost America big

July 22, 2016

What’s so galling is that while Americans struggle to pay their bills, freeloaders from other countries get the same care at no cost by gaming our generous open-door hospital policies.

Judicial Watch: Obama Travel Cost Taxpayers over $79.5 million

July 15, 2016

Obama Family’s 2015 Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Cost Taxpayers $465,420 in Secret Service Expenses Alone

Indicted Fla. Rep. Trashes Feds for Investigating Her Instead of Orlando Terrorist

July 14, 2016

Democrat Corrine Brown, and her chief of staff were slapped with a 24-count federal indictment for using a phony education charity as a “personal slush fund.

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