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The Cost of Protection vs. The Cost of Regret

November 17, 2017

It is the summer of 2024. The North Korean nuclear threat remains, with Pyongyang reportedly having an arsenal of nuclear weapons estimated at from a dozen to fifty warheads. In addition, the North Korean regime has multiple hundreds of missiles and rockets of all ranges...

Sticking it to Trumpian critics of North Korea

November 17, 2017

President Trump’s speech to the South Korean parliament on the evil of the Kim Jong-un regime was the best so far of his presidency and has been widely described as “Reaganesque.”

Missile Defense: Becoming A Full-Fledged Partner In Strategic Deterrence

November 8, 2017

When in 1983 President Reagan first proposed missile defense it was not to be a substitute for strategic nuclear deterrence but an additional capability to enhance and strengthen deterrence.

President Trump to Kim Jong-un: "Every Step You Take Down This Dark Path Increases The Peril You Face"

November 8, 2017

“North Korea is not the paradise your grandfather [Kim Il-sung] envisioned. It is a hell that no person deserves,” Trump said.

EMP Hall of Shame: Brian Barrett

November 7, 2017

Why has Washington not acted on the EMP Commission’s recommendations to protect our nation?

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