Swapping Prisoners with Terrorists

January 30, 2015

Obama’s disastrous policy dates back to his earliest days in office.

The "American Sniper" Culture War

January 29, 2015

"As much as the left would like you to believe it, Chris Kyle was not a bloodthirsty warmonger; he was a noble warrior who fought to defend his fellow troops..."

National Defense Briefs

January 29, 2015

National Defense Briefs is a series aimed at informing readers with timely military and homeland-security news updates, trends, definitions, and short commentaries. FSM highlights the "National Defense Briefs" that matter.

Saudi storms — new king faces a world of troubles

January 29, 2015

It was with sadness and relief that Saudis last week buried King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz, 90, who’d been on his deathbed for weeks.

Obama's National Security Wonderland

January 29, 2015

America is headed for a national security train wreck because President Obama--for reasons of ideology and wishful thinking--believes in some dangerous fantasies...

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10 year FSM Anniversary

'Duty Nurse to Hallway 7'! John McCain needs a less awkward way to support school choice [photo]

January 30, 2015  02:30 PM

"Term limits, people ... term limits."

'Michael Moore not pleased': Texas Gov. Greg Abbott proclaims 'Chris Kyle Day'

January 30, 2015  02:25 PM

"I have declared Feb. 2 to be Chris Kyle Day in Texas."

'Still with the fat jokes?' Paul Begala rates Chris Christie's 'celebratory dance' on the Richter scale

January 30, 2015  02:02 PM

"Man with mutant forehead make joke."

'Never get past 2012': Creepy Jim Messina's day 'ruined' by Romney announcement

January 30, 2015  12:44 PM

"What are you, 12 years old?"

Rep. John Dingell greets Romney announcement with congratulatory zinger

January 30, 2015  11:40 AM

Shots fired.

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