New State Department Documents Raise More Questions on Clinton Conflict of Interest Reviews

October 9, 2015

Court Asked to Allow Discovery, Impose Legal Hold on All Clinton Email Records

Russia Declares ‘Holy War’ on Islamic State

October 9, 2015

For years, Russia's Orthodox leaders have been voicing their concern for persecuted Christians.

Preserving America’s Nuclear Deterrent: The Ohio Replacement Program

October 8, 2015

The Navy provides the most survivable leg of this triad with ballistic missile submarines armed with the Trident II D-5 weapons system.

The state’s latest attack on Christianity, in darkness of night, has me FUMING

October 8, 2015

Then there are the times when the thief indeed comes at night to steal away that which defines our Judeo-Christian faith heritage.

History will not look kindly on ‘Chamberlain-esque’ Congress

October 8, 2015

The Iran nuclear deal will come back to haunt us. When it does, surviving pro-Iran deal congressional members who supported it will undoubtedly look to blame others.

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