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Veterans Advantage:  Veterans Advantage is a nationwide program open to all who serve. One is eligible for benefits if s/he has served during any period, peace or wartime, in any branch of military service, or the National Guard or Reserve, and if s/he received a discharge, other than dishonorable.  Veterans Advantage partners with corporations who would like to provide a benefit to thank those who serve, but want Veterans Advantage to administrate the delivery of the benefit. A Veterans Advantage Card is provided for member identification.  Join up!

Honest Reporting: Because a secure Israel is essential to American interests including national security, a secure Israel is vital to the safety of American families. It's therefor in the interests of our children's safety that does its good work. closely reviews the media worldwide for anti-Israel bias and holds accountable those media sources that practice biased reporting.'s work will astonish and inform you... have a look!

Vote Run Lead: Get out and vote! You have the power to guide this country... so use it!

The White House Project: Does the idea of a female president seem far-fetched to you? You can help make it happen by promoting women in leadership positions, getting informed about the issues - and yes, by voting!

Citizen Corps: Help protect our homeland! Make your community safer by helping to respond to emergencies and crime. American citizens are our first line of defense - check out this sit for details on how you can make a difference.

USA Freedom Corps: Volunteer in your community! Contact USA Freedom Corps today to help make America stronger. Outreach and education from the Department of Homeland Security

Spirit of America: Spread American optimism and success abroad by improving the living conditions in global trouble-spots. This site coordinates meetings for any group under the sun. Lookup the meeting subject, enter your location, and find out where you can congregate with like-minded individuals in your area.

Don't Retire, REWIRE!: Getting older? You can still help your country. Click here to find out how!

BENS:  Business Executives for National Security - Bringing the unique talents of business executives to work for our nation's defense.

National Terror Alert: Comprehensive information to prepare you and your family for a terrorist emergency

Coalition for a Secure Driver's License:  Founded shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The Coalition educates American citizens, its legislators and the news media about the crucial need for license reform in this country.  

Teaching Terror    Dedicated to supporting the study of terrorism and counterterrorism. It is hoped that the information resources provided here will be of use to academics, students, policymakers, and others engaged in understanding and combating global terrorism.