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Our mission is to inform all Americans, men and women, about the issues surrounding national security; to address their fears about safety and security on a personal, family, community, national and international level; to highlight the connection between individual safety and a strong national defense; to increase civic participation and political responsibility; and to empower all Americans to become proactive defenders of our national security and community safety.  
FSM is dedicated to men and women who are seeking answers to the most important question of our time: How to keep our families and our country safe and secure. Here you can find the vital information , the understanding and the solutions you need to conquer fear and combat the enemies who threaten our freedom!
Welcome to Family Security Matters!
Family Security Matters was created to give Americans like us the tools to become involved citizens and powerful defenders of our homes, our families, and our communities. We believe in the power of everyday Americans to make this world safer and more secure. We know that knowledge is most powerful when it is shared and so we are dedicated to bringing this knowledge directly to you. We want to equip Americans, women and men, with the information resources to become discriminating citizens who will demand the best out of their elected representatives. And then we want to show you how you can influence national policy and community security directly, without waiting for government action. We want to be your best resource for accurate and practical knowledge that will make your families and communities safer, stronger, and more secure. This problem is too important to wait for someone else to solve it. So explore our site, sign up for membership and FSM's Daily Security Updates, and come back often to learn everything you need to become active participants in America's struggle for security and peace.

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Carol Taber, President

Taber_CarolAfter founding FamilySecurityMatters.org (FSM) in September 2002, within one year Taber - along with FSM's experts and executives - appeared in hundreds of media interviews for national radio and television audiences, and their OpEds were read in major market newspapers around the country. The site - now authored by over 50 nationally known, expert Contributing Editors - enjoys hits in the multi millions and FSM's readers now hail from scores of countries. As a result, Taber was selected by the National Center for Policy Analysis's profile of "The Woman of the Month". The award cites the nominated woman's unique contributions to the economy, public policy and society as a whole.

Taber is co-author of "Reclaim American Liberty", published by University Press in 2011. The book explores alternatives to reclaim American liberties from those who do not embrace its unique character. These choices are meant to save American exceptionalism, a concept that recognizes the American experiment as matchless in limiting the powers of government and in maximizing individual freedoms.

Also in 2011, Taber was awarded both the U.S. Counterterrorism Advisory Team's (USCTAT) Winston Spencer Churchill Award and the Combatant's Cross, the highest recognition by the USCTAT. Taber's awards were presented for her exemplary work since Sept. 11, 2001 in promoting and supporting both public awareness of national security and the importance of public participation.

Taber began her career as a publisher of women's magazines. In recognition of her distinguished publishing career, she has been recognized with such awards as Outstanding Woman in Business, Outstanding Media Person of the Year; World's Who's Who of Women; and induction into the National Academy of Women Achievers. Taber also served on the New Jersey Board of Directors of the International Women's Forum, an organization that provides women of extraordinary achievement a global communication and networking opportunity. President@FamilySecurityMatters.Org

Linda G. Cohen, Executive Vice President

staff_cohenAfter completing a successful career in publishing, Linda Cohen became actively involved in local organizations dedicated to the betterment of women, families, and communities near her home in Santa Fe, NM. Ms. Cohen continues to serve as trustee on the New Mexico Board of the Anti-Defamation League and the Santa Fe Community College Foundation Board and is also the Founder and Past President of the New Mexico Women's Forum, a branch of the International Women's Forum, an organization that provides women of extraordinary achievement a global communication and networking opportunity. In recognition of her achievements and contributions to community causes, Ms. Cohen was selected to be a member of Leadership America and has also received the Governor's Award for Outstanding New Mexico Women.

Rosemary P. Sullivan, General Manager

Rose_SullivanRosemary P. Sullivan started her own management consulting business in 1996 which provides financial and operational services to communications clients. Clients include Conde Nast Media Group, LTB Holdings, Creative Homeowner Press, Chief Executive Magazine, National Jewelry Institute, Benneton-Colors Magazine, Primedia Magazines, American Express Publishing Corp., American Baby Group/Meredith Publishing, Leverage Media-Custom Publisher, The Magazine Works, Onward Publishing, The New York Enterprise Report, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Publishing & Media Group, Julian Orbon Associates, Avenue Magazine, On the Avenue Weekly Newspaper, Legal Affairs, Working Mother Media, HPJ Media Ventures Fund, For The Groom Magazine, Success Magazine, Lingua Franca/University Business Magazines, Ad Ink-The Women's Magazine Network, MediZine, RJ Reynolds, Brant Publications, Financial World, Red Herring Magazine and Rego Records Catalog.

Nancy George, Director of Operations

KENNONWas the founder of Security Moms 4 Bush which developed grassroots volunteers in 43 states. Nancy's work experience includes having been a Senior Manager at KPMG where she headed up their Northeast Employment Tax practice and she was the Director of Client Relations for Barnett Associates. Nancy was awarded the 2005 Advancement of Women Award by the Westchester County Women's Republicans. Nancy volunteer responsibilities are focused on her church and her children's' school. She is a past member of her alma mater's National Alumni Board and past President of their Metro NYC Alumni Association. She was also a founding member of Gaudete Black Tie NYC fund raising event and a Past President of Association of Unemployment Tax Organization. Nancy@FamilySecurityMatters.org

W. Thomas Smith Jr., Director, Counterterrorism Research Center

CRC_Director_SmithA former U.S. Marine infantry leader and shipboard counterterrorism instructor, Smith writes about military/defense issues and has covered conflict in the Balkans, on the West Bank, in Iraq and Lebanon. He is the author of six books, and his articles have appeared in USA Today, George, U.S. News & World Report, BusinessWeek, National Review Online, CBS News, Townhall.com, The Washington Times, and others.


Ryan Mauro, National Security Analyst

Ryan MauroRyan Mauro is Family Security Matters' national security analyst. He is a fellow with RadicalIslam.org, the founder of WorldThreats.com and a frequent national security analyst for Fox News Channel. He can be contacted at ryanmauro1986@gmail.com.


Ruth S. King, Contributing Editor

King_ruthRuth King is a freelance writer. She has written a book and articles on gardening, and also writes a monthly column in OUTPOST, the publication of Americans for a Safe Israel.


Pam Meister, Managing Editor

MEISTER+2011Pam Meister's current interest in politics and world events stems from the events of 9/11, when she made a conscious decision to contribute to the ongoing debate surrounding America's sovereignty and foreign policy. Other samples of her writing can be seen at American Thinker, Pajamas Media, and her personal blog. Pam is also a former radio broadcaster, and has worked in both the publishing and healthcare industries.

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