8 Ways to Instantly Feel Safe and Secure When Living Alone

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Living alone has a variety of benefits. From having the freedom to decorate how you like to not compromising over the dinner menu, there can be a lot to love about living in your own company.

However, with this freedom also comes responsibility – you are the only one in charge of your personal safety and home security. These aspects can sometimes feel daunting; however, it’s essential you don’t neglect them.

Without a housemate or partner to lock up or call for help in an emergency, you’ll need to acquire other forms of backup. Reviewing and implementing these eight safety solutions will instantly make you feel more secure when living alone.

Invest in a Security Camera

Installing a security camera in your home is one of the top safety precautions you can invest in. Keeping an eye on all aspects of your home, from the exterior to hidden corners and blind spots, security cameras can provide essential evidence in the case of a break in and can help law enforcement apprehend intruders. 

As well as providing you with constant home surveillance, they also deter burglars from breaking and entering. The thought of someone being in your home without your permission or knowledge can be unsettling, often making people feel unsafe in the place where they should feel the most secure.  

With many burglars being caught and prosecuted because of security cameras, therefore reducing burglary rates, they can offer you peace of mind in the knowledge that every movement surrounding your home is monitored.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

With social media and smartphones quickly becoming the go-to socialization platform, it can become easy to neglect face-to-face contact, especially when it comes to neighbors. As many people become busier than they’ve ever been due to the fast-paced modern life, finding the time to chat with the folks next door can be a struggle.

However, taking the time to meet and chat with your neighbors can significantly enhance your safety if you live alone. Gaining their trust and letting them know if you plan on going away allows them to keep an eye on your home when you’re not there. You’ll also be aware of new faces and be able to detect suspicious activity that wouldn’t normally happen on your street.

Invest in Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are great for catching intruders and putting them under the spotlight. Providing your home with great extra security they have been proven to deter burglars from breaking and entering. 

To get the most out of your motion sensor lights, install them around every entry point, alongside spots that are dark and hidden from the view of your neighbors. With these lights ensuring every potential break-in point is covered, they make it impossible for intruders to hide.

Install Smart Locks

Not only do smart locks make it impossible for a burglar to access your home via the front, back, or side door, but they also make life much easier for you – especially if you’re prone to losing keys.

Many locks also come with remote control features using advanced technology such as fingerprint recognition or number code access. These features allow you to double-check whether you locked the door, as they use apps that can connect your phone to the lock. So, if you did forget to lock the door, you can lock it instantly by heading to the app and swiping your finger.

Refrain From Sharing Your Location

If you’re a person who loves to share every aspect of your life on social media, be aware that it can compromise your safety, especially if you live alone.

Posting your location online can let the world, and especially burglars know that your home is currently empty. Something as simple as this can instantly put your security at risk, as intruders can easily target your home in the knowledge that you’re not there. 

With this in mind, never share information when you’re away. Even though it may be tempting to post beach snaps to make your friends jealous, wait until you’re safe and sound in your home to share your memories.

Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

Just because you live alone, it doesn’t mean you should be alone when it comes to your personal and home security solutions. Humans are naturally sociable, so keeping friends and family up-to-date on your whereabouts and routine can act as a safety strategy. 

By letting your close friends and immediate family know that you’re planning on taking a vacation, you can entrust them with the security of your home. Ask a friend to go round twice a week to water your plants; this lets potential intruders know that people are constantly still coming and going from your property, therefore deterring them from a potential break-in opportunity.

Think Like a Burglar

Thinking like an intruder is a great way to feel safer when you live alone. By looking at your street and home from a burglar’s perspective, you’ll be able to notice if your property has any security breaches that would appeal to an intruder. 

For example, do you have overgrown shrubs that reduce visibility and make for great hiding spots? Can you see directly into your living room or dining room, and if so, are there any expensive items on display?

It will make it easier to pinpoint specific aspects of your home that could do with some extra security by thinking like an intruder. It would also be beneficial for you if you prepare some self-defense weapons you can use to protect yourself from danger.

Plan an Exit Strategy

With the chances of you ever needing to escape your home being very unlikely, it’s still wise to create an exit strategy just in case of an intruder or emergency. This is especially important for those who live alone.

For example, you could install an emergency ladder outside an upstairs back window or plan out a path through your home that will quickly guide you to your back door. Plan these scenarios, go through them in your head, and practice, just in case you ever need to remove yourself from your home quietly and quickly. 

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Feel Safe in Your Own Home

If you live alone, implementing these safety measures to your home not only gives you peace of mind but can also prevent unwanted intruders and scenarios from arising. 

By taking these extra steps to secure your home, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your own company while feeling safe in your private and personal space.

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