The Glock is known for its simplicity, reliable operation under even the most unforgiving conditions, and affordability. Due to its immense popularity among private citizens and law-enforcement personnel, a diverse accessories market has developed to meet various needs, both general and specialized

    These range from the simple, such as holsters and extended magazine base pads, to the complex, such as grip-activated laser sights and counter-recoil systems. With the right accessories, there’s not much your Glock can’t do.

    In this article, we’ll review the best Glock accessories to help you take full advantage of your handgun’s capabilities.

    Best Glock Accessories Reviews

    Editor’s Choice: Galco FLETCH Belt Holster

    Galco International FLETCH Belt Holster
    • Classic leather OWB holster design
    • Conforms to the natural curve of the hip
    • Retention strap and heavy-duty thumb break
    • Trigger guard is protected 
    • Leather is treated to resist moisture

    Top 7 Best Glock Accessories Reviews

    1. Galco International FLETCH Belt Holster: Best Glock Accessories

    Galco International FLETCH Belt Holster

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you intend to carry your Glock handgun on the range, in the field, or for personal protection, you need a secure, well-made holster to do that.

    What We Liked

    • Vegetable-tanned steer-hide leather
    • Double-stitched for added durability
    • Reinforced thumb break for increased access control
    • Forward molded design conforms to your body’s contours
    • Covered trigger guard for safety

    What We Didn’t Like

    • May need to be broken in 
    • Not for concealed carry

    The best Glock accessory on our list is the Galco International FLETCH Belt Holster because a pistol is designed to be carried. A holster is essential, and Galco is one of the most trusted names in gun leather.

    Made from vegetable-tanned steer hide and double-stitched, this durably constructed OWB holster is molded, by hand, to provide an almost-custom fit for your firearm. The forward molded design allows the holster to conform to the hip’s curve, keeping as low a profile as possible.

    You can feel that this holster holds your Glock snugly — it’s not going anywhere unless you want it to. The reinforced snap-closure thumb break adds that extra layer of security and the trigger guard is covered, ensuring that your index finger remains straight alongside the frame as the pistol is drawn. 

    You can order this OWB holster for your Glock 17, 19, 21, 26, or 30. Get it in left- or right-handed orientation, and choose from luxurious brown or sleek black

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    2. Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator: Best Glock Accessories for the Money

    Strike Industries Mass Driver Compensator

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should consider getting the Mass Driver if you want to reduce both recoil and muzzle flip with an innovative combination compensator and counter-recoil system.

    What We Liked

    • Combination compensator and counter-recoil system
    • Doesn’t interfere with semi-automatic cycle
    • Simple to install — drop-in replacement assembly
    • Doesn’t require a threaded muzzle
    • Legal in all 50 states

    What We Didn’t Like

    • May catch on some holsters

    Keeping the muzzle down to reacquire the target more rapidly and your sight picture for follow-up shots is critical to competition shooters. But this is no ordinary compensator. 

    Strike Industries has approached the recoil and muzzle flip problem in 2 different ways, developing a combination compensator and counter-recoil system — the Mass Driver.

    The Mass Driver acts as a traditional compensator in that several horizontal and vertical slots exhaust high-pressure expanding gases upward and rearward to reduce muzzle flip. However, unlike a traditional compensator, the Mass Driver is not attached to the barrel and, therefore, does not interfere with the semi-automatic pistol’s cycle of operation. 

    Instead, it’s attached directly to Strike Industries’ extended recoil spring guide rod, which is provided with the compensator. As the gases exit the barrel and impact the compensator, and the action begins to open, the Mass Driver assembly is driven forward, exerting a counter-recoil effect. The Mass Driver is one of the best accessories for the Glock 17

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    3. HYVE Technologies Glock 26 Magazine Extension Base Pad: Best Glock Magazine Extension

    HYVE Technologies Glock 26 Magazine Extension Base Pad

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you have large hands or simply want more gripping surface on your subcompact Glock, the Magazine Extension Base Pad adds both length and capacity (+2) to your Glock 26.

    What We Liked

    • Increases magazine length for extra grip
    • Raises magazine capacity from 10 to 12 rounds
    • Available in 8 different colors

    What We Didn’t Like

    • May not be compatible with Gen 3 magazines

    One of the best accessories for the Glock 26 is an extended magazine base pad. This is also one of the best concealed Glock accessories because one of the disadvantages of carrying a subcompact handgun for personal defense is that you have less frame surface to grip. 

    The HYVE Technologies Glock 26 Magazine Extension Base Pad, adds both length and 2 rounds of ammunition, raising the magazine capacity from 10 rounds to 12. As a result, you can achieve something closer to a full firing grip. 

    Made from anodized 6061 aluminum, the base pad is available in 8 different colors — black, gray, red, OD green, blue, violent, copper, and flat dark earth/tan — allowing you to customize your 26 to suit your tastes. 

    Simple to install, the Magazine Extension Base Pad comes with an Allen wrench/hex key.

    A good upgrade would also be Glock extended slide releases to give you better control during reloads.

    4. Crimson Trace Laserguard Laser for Glock 42 and Glock 43: Best Glock Laser

    Crimson Trace Laserguard Laser for Glock 42 and Glock 43

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get the LG-443 laser if you need a way of more easily targeting a threat in the dark, where iron sights may be hard.

    What We Liked

    • 5mW, 620–670nm red Class 3R laser
    • Instinctive Activation system uses full firing grip
    • 4+ hours of battery life
    • Simple to install

    What We Didn’t Like

    • May require a new holster

    Whether you have a slimline Glock 42 or 43 for concealed carry, a laser sight wrapped around the trigger guard can increase your targeting ability considerably, particularly in low-light environments where iron sights are less visible. 

    The Crimson Trace Laserguard LG-443, one of the best Glock 43 accessories, projects a 5mW red Class 3R laser, 620–670nm wide. Factory sighted at approx. 15 meters, the LG-443 can be adjusted by the end user for windage and elevation with a set of included tools. At this range, 90% of the laser’s light is contained in a circle half an inch in diameter.

    Crimson Trace’s patented Instinctive Activation system, which places a switch over the top of the front strap, allows you to activate the laser when you grip the pistol as you would when you’re ready to fire. Want to use hot loads in that little pistol? The LG-443 is designed to take the shock. 

    Installation is quick and easy — no gunsmithing required. 

    5. Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well: Best Glock Magazine Well

    Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you want a simple-to-install accessory that lets you reload faster and more efficiently, Magpul has an excellent solution.

    What we liked

    • Ramped magazine well opening increases reloading efficiency
    • Metal-reinforced polymer construction
    • Simple to install
    • Close fit to frame keeps printing to a minimum
    • Compatible with OEM and aftermarket magazine floor plates

    What we didn’t like

    • Only available in black
    • May require gunsmithing to install in some frames

    The Glock 19 is one of the most common Glock variants purchased for concealed and open carry, competitive target shooting, and an OWB duty weapon. One of the best Glock 19 accessories is arguably a device that increases your reloading efficiency. 

    That’s exactly what the Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well is for. Compatible with Gen 4 Glock 19, 22, and 23 pistols, this accessory adds a steeply ramped opening to the existing frame’s magazine well, enabling you to insert magazines quickly and reliably, which is especially important when reloading under stress. 

    The base of the Enhanced Magazine Well sits close to the frame, keeping printing to a minimum. You can still carry your Glock concealed with this accessory installed. 

    Magpul’s Enhanced Magazine Well is made from metal-reinforced polymer and installs into the existing Glock frame.

    This accessory will work with OEM, and most aftermarket, floor plates, and magazine extensions. However, some Glock frames are tighter than others, so you may need to elicit a gunsmith’s expertise.

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    6. Streamlight TLR-1 IR Weapons-Mounted Tactical Light: Best Glock Light

    Streamlight TLR-1 IR Weapons-Mounted Tactical Light

    Why you’ll love it:

    A light is a vital accessory for anyone who owns a firearm for home defense. You can’t respond to a threat effectively or safely if you can’t positively identify it.

    What we liked

    • 135-lumen C4 LED 
    • Ambidextrous multi-function switch
    • Includes keys for different mounting systems 
    • IPX7 water-resistant

    What we didn’t like

    • May be underpowered for some outdoor applications 
    • Brightness not adjustable

    If there’s a laser on this list, there also has to be a light. The weapon light is the quintessential tactical handgun accessory, whether for night-time competition shooting or more serious work, such as investigating a possible burglary or locating a suspect. Seeing your target is crucial, and the lack of ambient light shouldn’t be a barrier to positively identifying your target. 

    For illuminating threats in low light, the Streamlight TLR-1 IR Weapons-Mounted Tactical Light is a 135-lumen, 850-nm LED weapon light that provides a handy solution. Powered by 2 3-volt CR123 lithium batteries, the TLR 1 has a regulated run time of 7.5 hours

    The momentary/continuous on/off switch is ambidextrous, positioned forward of the trigger guard, and accessible via either index finger. The body is machined from aluminum, and the light is water-resistant to a standard of IPX7 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes).

    The TLR-1 mounts securely to both the Glock’s integral accessory rail and the MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail with a convenient quick attach/detach system.

    7. Glock 17/34 9mm 33-Round Magazine: Best Glock High-Capacity Magazine 

    Glock 17 34 9mm 33-Round Magazine

    Why you’ll love it:

    Do you like shooting a lot? What more is there to say? This magazine affords you 33 rounds of ammunition — almost twice the magazine capacity of the Glock 17.

    What we liked

    • Glock factory OEM magazine
    • 33 rounds of capacity
    • 33 rounds of capacity

    What we didn’t like

    • Adds considerable length to pistol
    • Encourages you to shoot all of your ammo

    Whether you need the extra capacity for participating in formal matches or for lighting up a shooting range, there’s something to be said for a 33-round Glock magazine. It’s intimidating. Typically associated with the Glock 18 machine pistol so often depicted in films and video games, this magazine isn’t practical for concealed carry. But it’s not supposed to be. 

    However, if you’re not a competition shooter and would prefer a more practical reason to own one than dumping dozens of rounds into a backstop, the continuity of fire it affords could be especially useful during periods of civil unrest where immediately available firepower is a necessity. It’s an excellent idea to add a few of these magazines to your bug-out bag.

    If you’d like the option of color-matching your accessories/upgrades to your Glock, the 33-round magazine is available in three different colors — black, flat dark earth, and OD green. 

    Best Glock Accessories Overall: FLETCH Belt Holster

    Galco International FLETCH Belt Holster

    The FLETCH Belt Holster is the best Glock accessory on our list because a handgun’s proper place, when not in your hand, is by your side. If you’re going to carry a quality handgun, you should carry it in a quality holster, and Galco offers a premium example. 

    The FLETCH, a durable classic OWB leather gun holster, uses a forward molded design to conform to the curve of your hip, maximizing comfort and minimizing exposure.

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