Newton’s third law of motion tells us that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the context of firearms, that means recoil or “kick.” From buffers to dampen the impact of moving parts, to muzzle brakes and barrel porting that divert escaping gases upward and to the rear, to simply adding weight, gun designers have been experimenting with ways of reducing recoil for more than a century. 

    Let’s review the best Glock compensators and help you choose the right one to suit your needs. 

    Best Glock Compensator Reviews

    Editor’s Choice: Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator
    • Easy to install
    • Adjustable compensator power
    • More consistent bore alignment for accuracy

    Top 7 Best Glock Compensator Reviews

    1. Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator: Best Glock Compensator

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this compensator if you want a stylish, simple-to-install compensator that provides adjustable recoil reduction and improved bore alignment.

    What We Liked

    • Locking rings allows full or reduced compensation power
    • Can be installed without tools (depending on barrel) 
    • Properly aligns with bore, keeping gas escape consistent

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Unsuitable for use with low-powered ammunition

    The Velocity Glock Compensator, made by Killer Innovations, functions most efficiently with standard- and over-pressure (+P) ammunition, for which it was factory-tuned. The compensation power is adjustable using 1 of 2 locking rings, provided with the comp — full power and reduced. 

    The compensator was designed to be installed without tools on the Velocity Mod 2 barrel but is compatible with any ½-28 TPI thread. 

    You may notice that the exhaust ports are horizontal only — there are no vertical ports. The side vents are angled to direct the escaping gases upward, but since they escape from the sides of the compensator body, they don’t interfere with the sighting plane

    As the Velocity Compensator is locked against the thread shoulder, alignment with the bore is more correctly centered, which is essential for keeping the gases passing the bullet consistent on all sides.

    2. Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp 1/2×28: Best Glock Compensator for the Money

    Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp 1 2x28

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you need a lightweight, compact, non-snag compensator for your Glock subcompact, the Micro Carry Comp is cylindrical, short, easy to install, and compatible with a wide variety of holsters.

    What We Liked

    • Compact, lightweight compensator 
    • Doesn’t interfere with choice of holster
    • Flats for increased wrench gripping
    • No need for timing

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Heats up fast

    Are you looking for a dedicated compensator for your subcompact carry gun that doesn’t need a special holster?

    The Griffin Armament Micro Carry Comp is made from corrosion-resistant 17-4PH stainless steel and is the best subcompact Glock compensator on our list. Although stainless steel, the Micro Carry Comp is also black nitrided for additional corrosion and wear resistance. 

    To help you install it, the cylindrical compensator body has machined flats for a proper wrench grip. 

    Compact and cylindrical, the Micro Carry Comp doesn’t interfere with holster choice and has no sharp edges or protrusions to snag on clothing or retention systems, such as thumb breaks. You barely notice that it’s there — until you fire the gun and realize that the muzzle doesn’t flip like it used to. 

    Due to three exhaust ports that run the radius of the compensator, timing isn’t an issue. 

    While listed for the Glock 43, the Micro Carry Comp is also arguably one of the best Glock 26 compensators, as it will attach to any ½-28 thread and don’t compromise concealability. 

    Glock upgrades are vital attachments to firearms in order improve the performance of your firearm.

    3. Tyrant Designs T-Comp Glock 43 Compensator: Best Glock 43 Compensator

    Tyrant Designs T-Comp Glock 43 Compensator

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you carry a Glock 43 subcompact 9mm for self-defense, you know how small the gun is. A compensator can help you better manage the recoil.

    What We Liked

    • Compensator designed for Glock 43
    • Rotating insert avoids timing problems
    • Choice of 3 finishes

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Must be disassembled for cleaning

    A subcompact 9mm Glock such as the 43 affords increased concealability at the expense of gripping surface. With less weight and less grip to hold onto, the pistol moves more sharply under recoil than its compact and full-size counterparts. One way to remedy this is to install a compensator. 

    The ventilated compensator inserts screw into the housing block, and due to the circumferential exhaust ports, timing is not an issue

    While the Tyrant Designs CNC Glock 43 Compensator is designed to accommodate the Glock 43, Tyrant Designs also produces CNC Compensators for other Glock handguns. 

    Installed using the 16mm wrench provided with the compensator, the T-Comp attaches to ½-28 threaded barrels and functions with most projectile weights and 9mm charges. As a result, you won’t have to compromise on your preferred defensive ammunition.

    The T-Comp does not require the use of screws to attach securely to the muzzle, and neither firing nor repeated holstering/reholstering will loosen it.

    4. Strike Industries G4 Mass Driver Barrel Compensator: Best Glock Compensator/Counter-Recoil System

    Strike Industries G4 Mass Driver Barrel Compensator

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you can’t own a threaded barrel for legal reasons, or you simply don’t want to buy one, the Mass Drivers offers you 2 recoil-reduction methods without the need for a threaded barrel.

    What We Liked

    • Compensator/Counter-Recoil System 
    • No threaded muzzle needed
    • Legal in all 50 states
    • Won’t affect the reloading cycle

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Finding a holster that fits may prove difficult

    Don’t or can’t own a threaded barrel for your Glock 17/19? You can still reduce the recoil and keep your muzzle down. The Strike Industries G4 Mass Driver is an innovative combination compensator and counter-recoil system that attaches to the manufacturer’s extended guide rod.

    A separate spring keeps the compensator pressed against the slide and frame. When you fire your Glock, the gases from the muzzle blow the Mass Driver forward as the slide is opening while simultaneously venting out the sides and top. This has the combined effect of pulling the gun forward in two different ways — thrust from the diverted gases and the Mass Driver’s acceleration and sudden stop.

    Since the Mass Driver is not attached to the muzzle, there’s no worry about the barrel’s added weight disrupting the reloading cycle. Since there’s no threading required, the Mass Driver is legal in all 50 states.

    5. Primary Machine Stealth Comp for Glock: Best Compact Compensator for the Glock 19

    Primary Machine Stealth Comp for Glock

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you need a minimalist, simple, and effective no-frills compensator with hidden screws that blend with the slide’s shape, this is the model for your Glock.

    What we liked

    • Only adds 1.2–1.3” to overall length
    • Set screws are hidden underneath
    • Compatible with any open Glock holster

    What we didn’t like

    • Requires red Loctite to secure

    Maybe you carry a Glock 19 or 34 for competition or personal defense and want a more traditional compensator. The Primary Machine Stealth Comp will attach to any ½-28 thread pitch and, with a 45° chamfer, its outside profile matches the shape of aftermarket Glock slides for a more seamless look making it the best Glock 34 compensator. Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum billet, the Stealth Comp is available in two different color choices: hard-coat anodized black or gold. 

    Lightweight and compact, only adding roughly an inch-and-a-quarter to the barrel, the Stealth Comp lives up to its name. It is discrete and won’t cause undue exposure of your carry weapon. In fact, any open-ended Glock holster should be compatible. 

    With a 4-port design, the gases are exhausted from 2 side ports and 2 vertical ports, keeping muzzle flip to a minimum.

    Installation is simple — Primary Machine includes everything you need to install the Stealth Comp on your Glock handgun.

    6. Dark Hour Defense Compensated W/ Rail GSOD: Best Glock Combination Compensator and Stand-Off Device

    Dark Hour Defense Compensated W Rail GSOD

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you’re concerned about your carry gun continuing to function when pressed against a target and want an efficient compensator, this is the complete package.

    What we liked

    • Keeps the gun in battery during contact shots
    • Compensator doesn’t require a threaded muzzle
    • Won’t interfere with reloading cycle
    • Integral accessory rail

    What we didn’t like

    • Not compatible with Gen 5 
    • May be difficult to find a suitable holster

    When the muzzle of a semi-automatic pistol is pressed against a solid object, such as a target, the contact surface can cause the barrel and/or slide to retract, taking the action out of battery. If that happens, the gun won’t fire. This means that a contact shot in an emergency self-defense scenario is unavailable. 

    The Dark Hour Defense Compensated W/ Rail GSOD is a 3-in-1 package that solves this problem, attenuates recoil, and provides additional mounting surfaces for accessories. 

    GSOD stands for Glock Stand Off Device. The GSOD, attaching to the frame, provides a barrier, in a sense, between the gun barrel/slide and the target, allowing for reliable contact shots. In the compensated variant, the GSOD replaces the textured faceplate with a ported block that diverts escaping gases from the muzzle upward and to the sides, keeping the muzzle under control during rapid fire. 

    The GSOD substitutes two lateral accessory rails, which are convenient for attaching lights and lasers.

    7. Lone Wolf Dist. Flash Hider for Glock: Best Glock Flash Hider

    Lone Wolf Dist. Flash Hider for Glock

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get the Lone Wolf Flash Hider if you need to preserve your natural night vision during low-light shooting, such as night-time hunting or competition.

    What we liked

    • Reduces muzzle flash to preserve night vision 
    • Can act as a thread protector 
    • Black oxide finish
    • Simple to install

    What we didn’t like

    • Only moderate recoil reduction

    As a flash hider, the priority is to reduce the muzzle flash perceived by you, not others. This is done by dispersing the expanding gases that exit the muzzle in multiple directions. 

    When shooting under low-light conditions, as when hunting after dark or participating in a night-time competition, the flash hider reduces the intensity, or brightness, of the muzzle flash, preserving your natural night vision and not blinding or disorienting you. The flash hider also lowers the likelihood that you’ll be seen, either by a game animal or an enemy combatant, but this is secondary.

    While the Lone Wolf Distributors Flash Hider is not a compensator in the word’s strictest sense, a flash hider/suppressor can exert a similar effect. As you fire the handgun (or rifle), the gases to be vented strike the frontal slot surfaces, applying forward pressure opposite to the recoil, and are directed upward and to the sides, opposing muzzle flip.

    Best Glock Compensator Overall: Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator

    The Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Compensator, designed for medium-to-hot 9mm ammunition, effectively reduces recoil and muzzle flip while providing two locking rings for controlling the level of compensation — full power and reduced. When paired with the Velocity Mod 2 barrel, no tools are required for installation

    By pressing against the thread shoulder, the Velocity Glock Compensator is more accurately aligned with the barrel’s centerline, ensuring a more even distribution of gas flow around the bullet.

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