Magazine extensions are often installed for one of two reasons: Either increase the magazine’s capacity or provide a larger gripping surface. This is especially true of ultra-concealable handguns, such as the Glock 43, where both are limited. 

    By increasing the gripping surface, you improve your control of the weapon but at the expense of reduced concealability. However, where more is better, that’s where the Glock magazine extension truly shines as an accessory. 

    The following are the best Glock Gen 4 magazine extensions that can improve your carry capacity and grip.

    Best Glock Gen 4 Extended Magazine Extension

    Editor’s Choice: Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17/19 Magazine Extension

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17 19 Magazine Extension
    • Both front strap and base are serrated for increased grip
    • Available in 7 colors
    • Provides 4 or 5 additional rounds of ammunition

    Top 7 Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension Reviews

    1. Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17/19 Magazine Extension: Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17 19 Magazine Extension

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you need something durable that offers you a few extra rounds in your Glock pistol’s magazine, take a look at the Killer Innovation Velocity Magazine Extension.

    What We Liked

    • Compatible with a variety of Glock models
    • Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum construction
    • Comes with an extended spring
    • Toolless disassembly mechanism

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Not for 10-round magazines, Magpul or ETS

    Available for a substantial list of Glock models, the Killer Innovations Velocity Magazine Extension is everything you need to add a few more rounds to your mag but also spruce up your pistol with a little bit of extra color. Machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, this magazine extension grants you 5 additional cartridges if you’re using a 9mm or four extra rounds if you’re using a .40 S&W. 

    Weighing only 1.4 or 1.5 ounces, depending on the model, this means that most of the added weight is from the ammunition itself. It’s easy to install and disassemble in case of mag cleaning, and you won’t need any tools, thanks to the thoughtful design utilizing a retaining pin. 

    Extremely durable, able to withstand a drop from 6’ above the ground, and still function without problems, the Killer Innovations Velocity Magazine Extension proves to be an excellent option for high-stress situations

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    2. Strike Industries EMP +6/5 Rounds for Glock 17/22: Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension for the Money

    Strike Industries EMP +6 5 Rounds for Glock

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you require an inexpensive magazine extension for a Glock 17 or 22 and don’t mind the black polymer design, purchase the Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate.

    What We Liked

    • Inexpensive magazine extension
    • Impact-resistant polymer construction
    • Comes with all installation tools
    • Compatible with magwells by well-known manufacturers
    • Matte black polymer, like the Glock 

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Spring might get a bit tight

    If the pistol you reach for the most on the range is either the Glock 17 or the Glock 22, maybe you would like to have additional ammo added to its magazine. For that purpose, you may want to consider the Strike Industries Extended Magazine Plate (EMP).

    This matte black 1-piece design is perfect for those who want more grip space, as well as ammo, and don’t want to worry about their handgun snagging on clothing or holsters. It provides you with 6 extra rounds of 9mm ammunition for a Glock 17 or five extra rounds of .40 S&W for your Glock 22. 

    Thanks to its polymer construction, this extension is extremely lightweight. The set also includes an extended spring, a locking steel plate, and a locking plate set screw. Compatible with ETS magazines, SI, Magpul, and JP Enterprises magwells, the only restriction is you cannot use it with 10-round mags. 

    3. Taran Tactical Innovations +5/6 Base Pad for Glock: Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension for Competition

    Taran Tactical Innovations +5 6 Base Pad for Glock

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you need extra ammo in your magazine for competition shooting or other purposes and would like to personalize your handgun at the same time, go for this upgrade.

    What We Liked

    • Available in 8 different colors
    • Hard-coat anodized aluminum
    • Adds 6 rounds of 9mm or 5 of .40 S&W
    • Easy installation process

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Some find the spring to be too tight

    Need even more ammo? Taran Tactical Innovations has something for you. Its Glock +5/6 Base Pad is available for all full-size double-stacked Glock pistols and works with both 9mm and .40 calibers, adding either six or five rounds, respectively. 

    Made from billet-machined aluminum and hard-coat anodized, this base pad comes in eight different colors. The extension uses a pin to lock itself to the magazine, providing an easy installation process. It also won’t slow you down when field stripping your favorite Glock.

    Meeting the criteria for 3-Gun, this extension is perfect for competition shooters who would like to add some personality to their usually all-black Glock pistols. It is also handy to have five additional .40-caliber rounds at your disposal without having to change mags.

    4. Strike Industries SI Enhanced Magazine Plate for Glock 43: Best Magazine Extension for Glock 43

    Strike Industries SI Enhanced Magazine Plate for Glock 43

    Why you’ll love this:

    If your Glock 43 is your everyday carry pistol, you might want to upgrade it with two extra rounds. For that, you can’t go wrong with this magazine extension.

    What We Liked

    • Available in black and pink
    • 1-piece polymer design
    • Adds 2 extra 9mm rounds
    • Inexpensive magazine extension
    • Additional gripping surface for the subcompact Glock 43

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Only for the Glock 43
    • Edges may be too sharp

    Maybe the Glock 43 is the star of your subcompact semi-automatic pistol collection, and you’d like to treat it with a few extra rounds of 9mm ammunition. Strike Industries’ reasonably priced Enhanced Magazine Plate for Glock 43 comes in two colors: Standard black or pink. 

    Made from impact-resistant polymer, like the other Strike Industries upgrade on this list, this extension provides you with 2 extra rounds without adding too much weight to the bottom of your pistol. In fact, you may even find that your Glock 43 is more comfortable to hold now, thanks to the extra gripping space provided by the magazine extension. 

    This means better ergonomics and more control over the gun. Thanks to this extension’s 1-piece construction, there is also no added risk of snagging it on clothing or the environment. 

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    5. Tyrant Designs Glock Magazine Extension: Best Unique Magazine Extension for Glock Gen 4

    Tyrant Designs Glock Magazine Extension

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you’re a competition shooter who wants a durable, but lightweight, aluminum extension for your Glock 19 or 23 magazine, the Tyrant Designs option may be what you’re looking for.

    What we liked

    • Uniquely shaped; comes in a variety of colors
    • Lightweight — only 1.3 ounces of added weight
    • Easy installation and disassembly
    • 5 extra 9mm rounds and 4 extra .40 
    • Compatible with aftermarket magazines

    What we didn’t like

    • Some report spring is not long enough

    One of the most unique-looking upgrades on this list, the Tyrant Designs Glock Magazine Extension is a lovely piece of aerospace-grade aluminum hard-coat anodized in 5 different colors. It is also available in the standard aluminum color variant. 

    This magazine extension design incorporates a retention plunger that quickly and firmly attaches to your Glock pistol magazine’s bottom and does not require any additional tools. The same can be said regarding the disassembly process, achieved by pushing the plunger down and sliding off the base plate. 

    Available for the Glock 19 and 23, this extension supplies you with 5 extra rounds of 9mm ammo or four extra rounds of .40 S&W. Weighing only 1.3 ounces means that the weight added to the bottom of your handgun will be coming mostly from the ammunition. This magazine upgrade is compatible with 15-round Glock magazines, as well as most aftermarket alternatives. 

    You might also like to read about Glock 26 magazine extension which is a great alternative in high-quality constructions.

    6. Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension: Best Seamless Magazine Extension for Glock Gen 4

    Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you’re the proud owner of a Glock 43 pistol and would like to extend its grip to better suit your hand size, this is the best way to do it.

    What we liked

    • Combination magazine and grip extension
    • Made from black polymer
    • Continues the pattern of the grip 
    • Inexpensive grip upgrade

    What we didn’t like

    • Only adds 1 round

    You may own a Glock 43 that you love to shoot, but you’ve always had problems with achieving a secure grip due to the size of your hands. The Pearce Grip Glock 43 1-Round Magazine Extension w/ Grip upgrade gives you an additional round in the magazine. However, this extension’s true advantage is in how it almost seamlessly extends the front strap of the subcompact Glock 43 and continues the stock stippling pattern. 

    As expected from a product like this, it is made from black polymer, just like the Glock pistol. This means that there is no stark contrast between the materials of the gun and the accessory. While the added length of the grip is merely 0.820”, this is enough to make a significant difference in how your hand wraps around the gun, and you will feel the comfort a firm grip can provide you with.  

    7. ZEV Technologies Glock Magazine Basepad: Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension for Maintenance

    ZEV Technologies Glock Magazine Basepad

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get this if you are a competition shooter or tend to use your Glock pistol in less-than-ideal weather conditions and find cleaning the magazine to be a hassle.

    What we liked

    • Durable aluminum construction
    • 2 colors: Black and red
    • 3-piece design for easy disassembly
    • Long list of compatible models

    What we didn’t like

    • Not compatible with restricted-capacity magazines
    • Adds some weight

    ZEV Technologies is a name you will see a lot if you’re looking for accessories and upgrades for your Glock pistol. It’s no surprise that this manufacturer also offers a magazine extension in their catalog. The ZEV Technologies Glock Magazine Basepad is compatible with a sizable list of Glock pistols from all Generations. 

    Utilizing a unique 3-piece design — a removable floor plate, an extended spring, and a sliding lock — this particular extension is easy to assemble and disassemble while avoiding the risk of damaging the magazine. You can simply slide the floor plate out of the way, remove the spring, and clean the magazine without disassembling the entire extension

    The ZEV Technologies Glock Magazine Basepad is machined from aluminum, offers five additional rounds of 9mm or four extra rounds of .40 S&W, and features patterns that help with securely gripping your Glock pistol. 

    Best Glock Gen 4 Magazine Extension Overall: Killer Innovations

    Killer Innovations Velocity Glock 17 19 Magazine Extension

    The Killer Innovations Velocity Glock Magazine Extension, available for several models, is the best magazine extension overall. It offers a wide variety of vibrant color options, adds five rounds of 9mm and four of .40 S&W, increases the gripping surface, and sells for a reasonable price. Serrated on the front strap and base, this extension improves your hold on the gun and your ability to remove magazines that don’t drop free.