Whether you love them or not, we all know about Glocks. The Austrian gunmaker offers a wide range of pistols for all applications, and if you own one or several of them, you should make sure you have plenty of extra magazines for each. Everyone needs more magazines, whether you shoot casually or competitively, or even only if you want to be better prepared for defensive scenarios.

    Although Glock OEM magazines are generally reliable, they aren’t the only option available. Several third-party manufacturers also produce high-quality magazines in many different capacities. If you’re looking for the best Glock magazines, read on.

    Best Glock Magazines Reviews

    Editor’s Choice: Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 magazine

    Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine
    • 18-round capacity with included baseplate
    • Lightweight polymer construction
    • Durable and robust
    • High-visibility red follower

    Top 7 Best Glock Magazines Reviews

    1. Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine: Best Glock Magazine Overall

    Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this if you’re looking for one of the best 9mm Glock magazines, particularly if you’re interested in a third-party product that stands out from the competition.

    What We Liked

    • Compatible with all Glock 9mm double-stack models
    • Drops free quickly and easily
    • High-quality fit and finish
    • Affordably priced

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Stiff magazine springs

    Although original Glock 9mm 17-round magazines are reliable, they are not always available, and they are not the most inexpensive. Fortunately, third-party support for Glock pistols is unlike that of any other brand of handguns, and the quality of these products continues to increase.

    Among these surprising new items is the Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 magazine. These lightweight polymer magazines feature a unique extended base plate right out of the box, granting it a capacity of 18 rounds, one more than a factory-original Glock 17 magazine.

    The Amend2 magazine body is 100% made of a durable polymer with no metal reinforcements, making it lightweight and convenient to carry. It is resistant to hard drops and impacts, allowing you to use these magazines even if you are harsh to your equipment when training.

    The high-visibility red follower allows you to positively confirm that your handgun has run dry when your slide locks back. This is a benefit if you’re using your Glock pistol for defensive purposes and practicing reloading drills.

    2. Magpul PMAG 17 GL9 9×19 Magazine for Glock 17: Best Glock Magazine for the Money

    Magpul PMAG 17 GL9 9x19 Magazine for Glock 17

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this if you like Magpul products or if you’re looking for the best aftermarket Glock magazine for the money.

    What We Liked

    • Made out of Magpul’s proprietary durable polymer
    • 100% polymer magazine body
    • Magazine baseplate is easily removable
    • Very affordable

    What We Didn’t Like

    • No witness holes at the rear

    Magpul is another manufacturer well-known for its famous line of polymer AR-15 magazines, the PMAGs. In 2015, the company presented a new product at SHOT Show, which marked its first entry into the pistol magazine market. It introduced the Magpul PMAG GL9, a Glock 9mm magazine made using Magpul’s proprietary, highly durable polymer material.

    If you love using Magpul products on your AR-15, you will love the GL9. These magazines are manufactured using the same highly-durable and robust polymer compound used in the PMAGs (and many of its other products).

    No matter how hard you run these magazines, they continue functioning reliably, even when severely abused.

    You may have heard about a recall issued on these magazines in the past; this is because early-production GL9s had magazine geometry issues, which prevented them from working correctly in Glock 19s and Glock 26s.

    However, these issues were fixed years ago. Magpul GL9s now run flawlessly in all double-stack Glock 9mm pistols. You won’t be disappointed.

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    3. Glock Model 17/34 9mm 33-round Magazine: Best Glock Extended Magazine

    Glock Model 17 34 9mm 33-round Magazine

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this if you want the best 33-round Glock magazine for your 9mm double-stack Glock pistols or pistol-caliber carbines.

    What We Liked

    • The reliability expected of a Glock OEM product
    • Very high capacity
    • Compatible with all 9mm double-stack models

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Very tall

    Often imitated but rarely matched in quality, the Glock factory 33-round 9mm magazine is a favorite among many gun owners.

    This Glock 9mm 33-round magazine is an excellent option for those who want more capacity out of their Glock 17, 19, 26, 34, and other double-stack 9mm Glock pistols, without the potential uncertainties of going with a third-party manufacturer. After all, you can’t go wrong with a stock Glock product.

    The Glock 9mm 33-round magazine has many nicknames, such as “fun stick” or “happy stick,” but sometimes referred to as a Glock 18 magazine. It is frequently used on the Glock 18 fully-automatic machine pistol.

    However, you do not need a full-auto gun to appreciate the reliability of these magazines. No matter which compatible firearm you load these magazines with, they perform just as flawlessly as you expect from a Glock product.

    They are also excellent for extending the capacity of your Glock-compatible 9mm pistol-caliber carbine, giving you a capacity equivalent to that of a proper rifle.

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    4. KCI Glock 17/19 9mm 50-round Magazine: Best Glock Drum Magazine

    KCI Glock 17 19 9mm 50-round Magazine

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this if you want a reliable and relatively affordable drum magazine for your Glock 9mm pistol or 9mm pistol-caliber carbine.

    What We Liked

    • Compatible with all guns accepting double-stack 9mm Glock mags
    • Reasonably priced for the capacity
    • Easy to load

    What We Didn’t Like

    • The slide might not lock back on the last round
    • Not made in the USA

    KCI stands for Kyungchang Industries. In its home country of South Korea, this company is a defense contractor for the ROK military, manufacturing all kinds of military equipment such as helmets, plate carriers, bayonets, and of course, firearm magazines.

    In the United States, KCI magazines are well-known for being affordable, imported alternatives to OEM Glock magazines or US-made third-party products. This KCI Glock 17/19 9mm 50-round drum magazine is one of its highest-regarded products.

    With this drum magazine, you can extend the capacity of your double-stack 9mm Glock pistol or pistol-caliber carbine to a whopping 50 rounds. The contents of a full box of ammunition can fit into one of these, allowing you to shoot for longer before reloading.

    You won’t have to worry about busting your thumbs loading them with fresh ammunition. With the included de-tensioning lever, all you have to do is pull it, drop in a round, let go, and repeat until fully loaded. Once you get the hang of it, loading this KCI drum is a quick and straightforward process. It’s a must-have for the range.

    5. ETS Group Glock 9mm Magazine 17-round Blue: Best Clear Glock Magazine

    ETS Group Glock 9mm Magazine 17-round Blue

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get this if you want the most durable and reliable clear magazines for your Glock pistols, made by a reputable US-based manufacturer.

    What we liked

    • Highly durable translucent polymer body
    • Allows you to check remaining ammo at a glance
    • Resistant to extreme temperatures and abuse
    • Available in various other colors

    What we didn’t like

    • May not drop free easily

    Elite Tactical Systems Group (ETS) is a Tennessee-based manufacturer of firearm magazines, well-known for producing some of the world’s most reliable translucent polymer magazines for AR-15, MP5, and various handgun platforms.

    The robust polymer material used in ETS magazines is translucent, allowing you to quickly and easily tell how many rounds remain without having to rely on witness holes. All that is required is to pull the magazine out and visually inspect it.

    The ETS Glock clear magazines were first announced in January 2015, hitting the market in November of the same year to high praise and reviews. Today, these magazines are also available in various colors, such as red, orange, or blue.

    You can use the different colors to tell apart which ammunition types you load your magazines with. 

    Best of all, you can be sure that these magazines are highly durable. They are rated to survive exposure to corrosive chemicals, and they won’t shatter, crack, or split apart even when dropped from significant heights. Even when exposed to extreme temperatures or UV light, they won’t warp or lose integrity.

    6. ETS Glock 10mm 20-round Magazine: Best 10mm Glock Magazine

    ETS Glock 10mm 20-round Magazine

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get this if you’re looking for an extended magazine for your Glock 10mm, striking a balance between extra capacity and reasonable magazine length.

    What we liked

    • Compatible with Glock 20, 29 and 40
    • Base plates are interchangeable with ETS 9mm models
    • Increased capacity without excessive dimensions

    What we didn’t like

    • Stiff magazine spring

    Although there are many options for Glock 9mm and .40 S&W models, shooters who prefer .45 ACP and 10mm Auto Glocks often find themselves with fewer third-party products to choose from. The G20 and G21 pistols are built on a frame of different dimensions than the 9mm/.40 models. As a result, not every Glock parts manufacturer can or wants to make them for large-frame pistols.

    ETS Group is not one of those companies. More than willing to cater to the big-bore Glock owners, it has released a full line of translucent magazines for all 10mm and .45 ACP Glocks, including a few extended magazines.

    The best ETS 10mm magazine is the ETS Glock 10mm 20-round magazine. This magazine extends the capacity of your Glock 20 full-size pistol without sticking out excessively from the magazine well.

    With a full 20+1 rounds of 10mm Auto ammo loaded in these magazines, it is an excellent 10mm magazine for the best pistol hunting cartridge on the planet. As you would expect, it is also fully compatible with the G29 and the G40.

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    7. Amend2 6-round .380 ACP Glock 42 Magazine: Best .380 Glock magazine

    Amend2 6-round .380 ACP Glock 42 Magazine

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get this if you own and carry a Glock 42 and you’re looking for replacement or additional magazines for a fair price and with great features.

    What we liked

    • Durable, heavy-duty magazine spring
    • Extended magazine follower ensures slide locks back on empty
    • Lightweight and robust construction
    • More affordable than factory Glock mags

    What we didn’t like

    • Capacity is the same as OEM mags

    If you carry a .380 ACP Glock 42 and you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to the factory Glock magazines, look no further. The Amend2 6-round .380 ACP Glock 42 magazine was designed to suit your needs.

    Constructed entirely out of a durable, impact-resistant polymer and employing no metal inserts, these magazines are very lightweight yet capable of standing up to extreme abuse, allowing you to practice your magazine reloading drills in confidence.

    Although these magazines hold 6 rounds, the same amount as OEM Glock 42 magazines, they are much more affordable. On average, you can buy two Amend2 Glock 42 magazines for the price of one original Glock magazine. 

    The raised, bright red magazine follower is designed to ensure that when you’ve fired your last shot, your pistol’s slide locks back every time. This feature lets you positively confirm that you’re empty and have not experienced a malfunction more quickly than with a standard magazine, giving you that little extra bit of confidence when carrying.

    Best Glock Magazines Overall: Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine

    Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine

    The most popular Glock model in America is the Glock 19, a double-stack 9mm model. Double-stack 9mm Glocks are among the most popular handguns across the entire country, and all of these handguns deserve high-quality, high-capacity, reliable magazines.

    The Amend2 18-round 9mm Glock 17 Magazine is the best Glock magazine overall. It is not only as durable and dependable as you expect, but it is also lighter and more affordable than an equivalent factory Glock magazine.

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