Iron sights are one of the most fundamental parts of a firearm. Without a front and rear sight, you’d be firing, unsighted, from the hip or chest. This was a popular technique, once known as reflexive shooting. For the best results, aligning the sights with each other and with the target is necessary. 

    As the Weaver and Isosceles shooting stances came to prominence, both of which emphasized raising the pistol to eye level, the need for highly visible sights that could be acquired rapidly became all the more evident. However, not all sights are created equal. The best Glock sights may use tritium, be completely adjustable, or utilize LED reflector sights. The following are the top-rated sights for Glocks available on the market right now, so you can start aiming and firing with improved accuracy

    Best Glock Sights Reviews

    Editor’s Choice: Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

    Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight
    • LED reflex sight for rapid target acquisition 
    • Brightness can be adjusted to 8 different settings
    • 25×22.5mm objective window size for wide FOV
    • Can be used with Glock MOS 

    Top 7 Best Glock Sights Reviews

    1. Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight: Best Glock Sights

    Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

    Why you’ll love this:

    If you hunt, shoot competitively, or want every advantage you can get in a home defense gun, consider buying the Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight.

    What We Liked

    • LED sight with a large field of view
    • 8 brightness settings
    • Co-witness compatibility with suppressor-height iron sights
    • Uses Trijicon MOS adapter plate
    • No tools required for adjustment

    What We Didn’t Like

    • On the expensive side 

    For concealed carry, I do not suggest an MRD (miniature red dot) sight because, while miniature, it’s still more prominent than a set of fixed combat sights. However, for competitive target shooting, hunting, or home/vehicle defense, reflector or reflex sights offer several advantages relative to metallic fixed or adjustable. 

    The parallax-free LED Trijicon SRO (Specialized Reflex Optic) Red Dot Sight is attached directly to the Glock MOS (Modular Optic System) using the Trijicon adapter plate. Using a 25×22.5mm objective window size, the SRO offers a wide field of view and co-witness compatibility with suppressor-height iron sights. With 8 brightness settings to choose from, the SRO allows for rapid target acquisition and tracking, especially as light falls. No tools are required to adjust the SRO for windage or elevation — simply use a coin or the head of a cartridge. 

    Since the reticle and the target share the same focal plane, there’s no need to shift your focus from the target to the sight. Housed in a 7075 aluminum body, the SRO is water-resistant to three meters. 

    2. Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Set for Glock: Best Glock Sights for the Money

    Meprolight Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Set for Glock

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get this set if you want to replace the OEM iron sights on your new Glock and want to acquire a sight picture more quickly in the dark.

    What We Liked

    • Metallic fixed combat sights to replace polymer OEM
    • Tritium-illuminated night sights
    • Low-profile, non-snag design 

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Rear sight may not let enough light through

    One of the first things Glock owners often change is the sights. Stock or OEM Glock iron sights leave something to be desired. Iron is an archaic word that is still used in the gun world, but in reality, all stock Glock sights are made from plastic. The U-shaped white rear-sight marking isn’t as easy to align as the 3-dot arrangement for many shooters. 

    A suitable replacement set is provided by Meprolight — the Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Set. Affordably priced, these relatively low-profile combat sights are illuminated for high visibility when aiming in low-light conditions. Considering that one of the primary reasons people cite for buying a handgun is self-defense, picking up the sights when it gets dark has practical value. As a result, the Tru-Dot Tritium Night Sight Set can be considered among the best Glock sights for combat.

    However, unlike our other set, these sights are not designed to co-witness with reflex sights or sight over suppressors. This is a simple set of night-capable combat sights suitable for your carry or home-defense gun

    3. Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sights: Best Glock Suppressor Sights

    Trijicon Glock Suppressor Night Sights

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should consider buying this set if you run a sound suppressor and want elevated sights that allow you to see over it.

    What We Liked

    • Elevated sights for use with a suppressor
    • Can co-witness with an MRD
    • Low-profile rear sight won’t interfere with the optical sight
    • Tritium-illuminated sights for low-light shooting

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Installation by a gunsmith is recommended 

    If you’re interested in attaching a suppressor to your Glock pistol, you may want to invest in an appropriate set of sights. Depending on the model, a suppressor’s diameter can obscure the sights and the target, compromising your ability to acquire a proper sight picture. 

    A simple solution is to install a set of sights with sufficient height to bypass the suppressor. Several firearms companies already offer models equipped this way. For those that don’t, there’s Trijicon. 

    The metal Glock Suppressor Night Sights are raised enough to align over the suppressor, and the front sight can co-witness with an MRD (miniature red dot) sight. However, the rear sight is relatively low-profile to prevent interference with an optical sight attached to the slide — your reticle will remain visible

    Designed for low-light shooting, both the front and rear sights are illuminated using tritium, ensuring that you can see your front sight at dusk or in the dead of night. 

    Suppressor sights are easily the most important equipment for precision and durability.

    4. LPA Glock Adjustable Sight Set: Best Adjustable Sights for Glock

    LPA Glock Adjustable Sight Set

    Why you’ll love this:

    You should get the LPA Adjustable Sight Set if you want to adjust the rear sight for elevation and windage to suit different ammunition types or a suppressor.

    What We Liked

    • Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
    • Rounded/deburred edges reduce snagging
    • Allen/hex wrench and adjustment screwdriver provided

    What We Didn’t Like

    • Installation may be difficult
    • Adjustable sights are necessarily more fragile than fixed

    For precision shooting, adjustable sights can be immensely beneficial. Not every cartridge load hits at the point of aim with factory iron sight. A set of adjustable sights can allow you to align the point of aim and the point of impact for different ammunition types. Whether you’re trying to execute a surgical shot on a silhouette target or a game animal, you need to know that you won’t hit too high or too low. 

    CNC-machined from steel, the LPA SPR sight set consists of a rear Patridge sight, adjustable for windage and elevation, and a fixed front blade. Sight markings are in the traditional 3-dot type. 

    Unlike some older pistol- and revolver-type adjustable sights, the edges are rounded off/deburred, so the rear sight is less likely to catch on clothing or holster leather. Even apart from snagging, this can cause damage to the fabric. To ensure a secure fit to the slide, the dovetail is tapered. Both Allen/hex wrench and screwdriver are provided with the set. 

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    5. Strike Industries Modular Blade Sights for Glock: Best Modular Sights for Glock

    Strike Industries Modular Blade Sights for Glock

    Why you’ll love it:

    You should get the Strike Industries Modular Blade Sights if you’d prefer to use the entire front sight as your index rather than a dot or stripe.

    What we liked

    • Solid-color front sight provides an error-free index of elevation
    • 4 interchangeable front-sight inserts
    • Tapered rear sight balances visibility and precision

    What we didn’t like

    • May require professional installation

    Strike Industries is well known for its innovative products and unusual solutions to problems. The Modular Blade Sights for Glock continues that tradition by allowing you to change the front sight post to suit your tastes. 

    Rather than relying on separate sighting elements, such as a white or red stripe or set of dots, Strike has substituted a brightly colored front sight, which provides ample contrast when aligned with the black rear sight. 

    This obviates the potential problem of the sight markings being improperly applied or installed at the factory. You also don’t need to index the front and rear sights twice, once for the dots, and once again for the black tops. This keeps alignment errors to a minimum and lets you get back on the trigger faster.

    The tapered rear sight is a hybrid between narrow and wide notches, balancing visible light and speed with precision. The sight set includes four interchangeable front-sight inserts: Solid black, solid white, translucent red, and translucent yellow.

    6. TruGlo TFX Pro High Sight Set for Glock: Best Fiber-Optic Sights for Glock

    TruGlo TFX Pro High Sight Set for Glock

    Why you’ll love it:

    If you want tritium for illumination in low-light conditions and fiber optics to collect and focus ambient light during the day and at night, these sights are for you.

    What we liked

    • Tritium vial focused by fiber-optic cylinder
    • Hermetically sealed to protect contents against chemicals
    • Front sight ring provides additional contrast
    • Angled rear sight for one-handed charging

    What we didn’t like

    • Installation by gunsmith recommended

    For the best of both worlds, the TruGlo TFX Pro High Sight Set combines tritium and fiber optics to form some of the best night sights for the Glock that you’ll find. The TFX capsule contains two components — a vial of tritium and a fiber-optic cylinder. The fiber-optic part collects ambient light, including the light produced by the tritium vial, focuses it, and directs it toward the shooter. 

    The result is a brightly colored, highly visible set of sights that can be acquired quickly regardless of available light. As the TFX capsule is hermetically sealed, it protects both the tritium and fiber-optic components against moisture, lubricants, and cleaning solvents.

    The front fiber-optic insert is green encircled by a red ring to provide additional contrast between the front and rear sights. 

    For emergency 1-handed charging, such as to clear a malfunction, the rear sight has an angled edge that can be pressed against the holster mouth, gun belt, or web gear. 

    7. XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights for Glock: Best Fast Sights for Glock

    XS Sight Systems DXT Big Dot Sights for Glock

    Why you’ll love it:

    The XS Sight Systems DTX sights offer a quickly acquired tactical alternative for people who have a hard time acquiring or indexing 3-dot combat sights.

    What we liked

    • Large white dot is easy to find and align
    • Fast sight picture acquisition and recovery
    • Low profile and non-snag design

    What we didn’t like

    • Accuracy beyond CQB distances may be reduced

    If the standard 3-dot iron-sight configuration proves difficult for you to index and acquire quickly, XS Sight Systems DXT (Defensive Express Tritium) sights are designed to provide a fast alternative. DXT sights consist of a front sight with a large tritium dot that you place at the top of a vertical line or stripe nestled in a shallow V-notch rear sight. 

    To align the sights, place the big dot at the top of the notch. XS refers to this as dotting the i. The white dot center is your point of aim at close range — i.e., 15 yards or less. At 25+ yards, place the top of the white dot on the target for the point of aim and point of impact to coincide. 

    As an express sighting system, DXT sights are inspired by the type common to big-game hunting rifles. In a defensive context, the same principle applies — placing a large white dot on top of a shallow V notch can be done quickly.

    The DXT is considered one of the best sights for the Glock 19.

    Best Glock Sights Overall: Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

    Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight

    The LED Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight attaches directly to your Glock MOS and offers a large objective window size of 25×22.5mm. This size is a sharply defined sight reticle with 8 brightness settings, compatibility with suppressor-height iron sights, and can be adjusted with the head of a pistol cartridge. As a sighting system, a reflex sight is easier to see in the dark, faster to acquire, and doesn’t require focus shifting. For quick, accurate shooting, a reflex sight is the answer.

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