IDShield Review (2024) – Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on January 4, 2024

If I hadn’t spent a few weeks testing IDShield myself, I might say it’s an identity protection service worth checking out. 

But I have spent a few weeks testing it, and sadly, IDShield doesn’t meet my standards in most areas. If you want to protect yourself and your family from identity thieves, cyber bullies, and others that mean your loved ones harm, I recommend Aura instead. 

Our Best Choice
I would recommend Aura if you…:
  • You want the max in threat monitoring and alerts
  • The $1 million per adult (up to $5 million) identity theft insurance on Aura’s family plan appeals to you.
  • 24/7/365 US-based customer support is valuable to you.
  • You’d like to get the highest quality to price ratio in identity theft protection.
  • Those who want the best value in identity protection. With our discount code, you can cut down Aura’s already affordable rates even further.
I would recommend IDShield if you…:
  • You’ve spent years growing your business and personal brand, so you want the best reputation management service on the market.
  • You want the assurance that you’ll have access to a licensed private investigator if you’re a victim of identity theft.
  • You have some extra time to manually take on tasks like emailing data brokers to have your info removed so you can cut down on incoming spam.
  • You don’t have kids, so you don’t need a full parental suite of extra controls to protect them from online threats.

Aura gives you the tools you need to keep your family safe online with features like parental controls, a VPN, and safe gaming tools. Thanks to accurate and comprehensive monitoring, it’s the best identity protection you can buy, plus 24/7 access to their expert threat resolution team. 

IDShield is lacking in these areas, but it does have a few unique features that might pique your interest. 

I understand if you’re wondering about IDShield’s licensed private investigators or reputation management tools. I was interested in them too. 

Below I break down these features, alongside everything else IDShield offers, so that you can make an informed choice about which identity protection service is right for your family. 

Fast Scores 

We rank services as either poor, average, great, or excellent. Here’s how IDShield fared:

Monitoring CapabilitiesPoor
Ease of UsePoor
Insurance Average
Customer Service and Threat Resolution Great
Family Plans Average
Online Privacy Features Great
Final Score Average 

IDShield Video Review

Monitoring Capabilities: Poor

IDShield’s monitoring capabilities aren’t great

It’s neither comprehensive nor accurate – meaning it doesn’t monitor all the areas it should, nor does it find all the threats it should. 

That’s a major problem because, without good monitoring capabilities, you leave yourself and your family open to major identity and credit damage. 

Your identity protection service will likely help you fix those problems (assuming they offer decent threat resolution tools), but as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It’s much easier to change your password and lock your credit after receiving an alert than fully restoring your identity. 

Monitoring Services

That’s not to say IDShield misses everything. They do promise to monitor key areas, including:

Dark web monitoring
Social Security number monitoring
Public records monitoring
Address change monitoring
Social media monitoring
One-bureau or three-bureau credit monitoring (depending on your plan choice)
Payday loan monitoring

This might seem like enough for you and yours but notice IDShield misses the higher-end monitoring services that companies like Aura provide, including:

Investment account monitoring
Transaction monitoring
Home and auto title monitoring

And, while IDShield offers a few credit tools like freeze assistance and a monthly score tracker, it’s missing an in-portal credit lock, which higher-end services tend to include. 

Does IDShield’s Monitoring Work? 

You might be able to deal with IDShield’s lack of monitoring tools, but you shouldn’t settle for its inaccuracies. 

During testing, IDShield failed to find a single dark web alert on me. I regularly test identity protection services, and I know a few compromised passwords and email addresses are floating around the dark web, but IDShield failed to find them. 

idshield dashboard

That’s not a good sign, and thus we’ve given it a poor rating for monitoring capabilities. 

Ease Of Use: Poor

When you look at IDShield’s interface, it looks well-organized and intuitive to use…

But there are several issues

Starting with the signup process – IDShield makes things overly complicated. After you enter your information, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to enter your dashboard. 

This link takes you to a screen that looks like IDShield but isn’t. Once you create your login credentials, you realize you’ve just signed into LegalShield (IDShield’s parent company). From there, you’ll have to create a new set of login credentials to sign into IDShield. 

Unfortunately, things only get worse from there. 

Navigating IDShield is annoying. Every aspect of the service opens in a new window, often forcing you to sign in again. 

idshield reputation management

Their reputation management tools, financial accounts, social media tools, and credit score trackers are all like this – making it frustrating to use any of IDShield’s tools. 

Insurance: Average

Here (finally) IDShield meets expectations. 

IDShield offers $1 million to cover fraud-related expenses and legal fees like most identity protection services. 

Notably, their site (and member dashboard) is shockingly vague about what this includes. I asked customer service online and over the phone about it, but neither could point me toward a detailed summary of benefits. Instead, they echoed the same line from their website – it covers expenses and legal fees.

idshield chat support

But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here and assume it’s similar to most other identity protection services

Even if that’s the case, though, IDShield is in the middle of the pack. Better services offer more coverage. Some include $1 million each for stolen funds and expenses. Others offer $1 million per plan member. 

Aura, for example, offers $1 million per adult on your family plan (and every family plan can include up to five adults, which means up to $5 million in coverage). 

And, given that most other services provide a detailed summary of benefits, I have to say IDShield is barely holding onto its average rating here. You can do better than vague plan terms with bare minimum coverage. 

Customer Service and Threat Resolution: Great

Things start to look better for IDShield when we look at their threat resolution services. They’re the only company I know of that uses licensed private investigators for identity restoration

There’s no doubt that a licensed P.I. is a step up from your standard, certified restoration specialist. With a P.I., you can do more than just restore your identity to pre-theft status (which IDShield promises to do). You could potentially track down the criminal who stole your information and bring them to justice. 

But there’s a reason I didn’t give IDShield an “excellent” rating here. 

Their customer service, while not bad, could be better. 

When I called, I reached a knowledgeable representative in under three minutes, and their online chat function works well too. But, IDShield has limited customer service hours – Monday thru Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. 

The best identity protection services offer 24/7/365 access to their customer service teams, so you don’t have to wait if you’re dealing with a threat to your identity or just have a service question. 

I will note that IDShield offers a 24/7 emergency line, but compared to other services – this isn’t enough. Not when you can get 24/7 customer service and emergency threat resolution at a comparable (or lower) price from other services. 

Family Plans: Average

IDShield offers family plans that are similar to most other identity protection services – meaning there’s nothing very special about them

Here’s what their family plan includes just for childrenminor child identity monitoring. 

That’s it.

Nothing else is catered to families. To put this in perspective, let’s look at what Aura offers. They’re my top choice for family protection, and you’re about to see why. 

First, with Aura, you can include up to five adults and unlimited children on a family plan. This allows you to protect college-aged children, aging parents, and just about anyone else you need to. 

With IDShield, you can only include your spouse and unlimited dependents under 18.

Aura’s insurance coverage also goes up with each adult you add to your plan. That’s not the case with IDShield. IDShield gives you $1 million in theft insurance coverage regardless of the number of people on your plan. 

On top of increased insurance and plan flexibility, Aura offers a huge number of tools to protect your family, including:

Child credit freezes
Parental controls
Safe gaming with antibullying monitoring
Family storage vault for secure file and password sharing
Family alert sharing

And Aura isn’t the only service that offers extra tools like this for families  – it’s just my favorite. 

That means that IDShield isn’t ideal if you’re trying to protect more than yourself. The only exception to this might be if you want to take advantage of their reputation management tools for a young job-seeker in your household. 

I’ll discuss IDShield’s reputation management software more in the next section, and it’s really not marketed toward families. However, I see it benefitting job-seeking teen who might need to clean up their social media. If that sounds like someone in your home, IDShield could be worth considering. 

Online Privacy Features: Great

When it comes to online privacy extras, IDShield isn’t the best service I’ve come across, but it does offer unique features that other services fail to include, like reputation and social media management. 

Though these aren’t exactly traditional online privacy features, they are useful – at least in theory

The idea is that IDShield’s software combs your social media accounts for anything possibly offensive. It flags those posts for your review and allows you to delete them from your reputation management dashboard. 

Even if the service doesn’t find anything “offensive,” it will list all your posts in one place, so you can easily review your entire social media history. That’s a big plus if you’re applying for schools or looking for a job. 


Unfortunately, in testing, the service was a little glitchy. After three tries, I could only get it to link to my Reddit account. It wouldn’t link to Instagram or Facebook. 

But, assuming IDShield corrects that glitch at some point, it is an interesting and possibly very useful feature. 

On top of its social media review tools, the reputation management service offers a library of articles on optimizing your LinkedIn during a job search. 

IDShield also comes with several more traditional online privacy features, including:

Password manager
Malware and ransomware protection
Data encryption service 

With all of that included, I would easily have given IDShield an excellent rating, but the glitches in their highly promoted reputation management tool held me back. 

Value: Poor

Plan Type
1 Credit Bureau Monitoring
3 Credit Bureau Monitoring
$14.95 /month
$19.95 /month
$29.95 /month
$34.95 /month

IDShield offers two pricing structures:

One-bureau credit monitoring pricing 
Three-bureau credit monitoring pricing 

There are no other differences between the two plans. 

The rates for families run at just under $30 and $35 per month, respectively, and you only have to sign up for one month at a time (there’s no annual subscription discount). 

Those price points are exceptionally steep for what you’re getting. While there are other services that charge just as much, like IdentityForce and LifeLock, those services also offer more in terms of monitoring coverage, accuracy, and extra security features. 

And my top pick for identity protection, Aura, includes far more than any of those services. Aura is more accurate, offers more monitoring coverage, and comes with a generous number of added online security features – many of which are geared directly toward families

That means IDShield’s value is below average. It’s not worth the price you have to pay for it. 

Final Score: Poor

At first glance, it seems like IDShield is a good option. Who doesn’t want an identity restoration promise that includes licensed private investigators at the helm? 

And some of IDShield’s added features, like its reputation management tools, might be appealing, especially if you’re in the market for a new job. 

But, sadly, IDShield fails where it counts

It’s inaccurate, features a frustrating interface, offers limited customer service hours, and doesn’t offer what you need to protect your family online. Despite these failings, its cost is exorbitantly high. 

So, I can’t recommend IDShield for family protection

After testing many services, I recommend Aura instead

I use Aura to protect my identity and keep my child safe online because it offers award-winning identity theft and credit monitoring, 24/7/365 U.S.-based customer service, and many digital privacy and security features that your family will actually use. 

Though Aura’s family plan is justifiably more pricey than IDShield when you go directly to their website, Family Security Matters readers can save big by using our discount code – making Aura more affordable than IDShield.

Of course, ultimately, the decision is yours. Only you know exactly what your family needs – if that’s IDShield, then great. But I guess it’s not – in which case, you should check out Aura.

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