Is Aura Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on August 21, 2023

You know the old saying – If it’s too good to be true, it probably is

Normally, I would say there’s wisdom in that adage, but with Aura, I think differently. Aura sounds too good to be true, but it’s completely legitimate. 

I understand if you’re wondering whether Aura is legit or a scam, though. Its feature list is extensive, its promises are bold, and identity protection services as a whole might seem questionable. 

I used to doubt that I needed one. After all, I grew up with the internet and hadn’t had a problem yet.  

When I saw how much personal information these services wanted just to sign-up, I was even more dubious. You don’t want to give your Social Security number, birth date, and address to anyone on the internet. Not to mention a link to your bank accounts

But, after a scary close call in which I almost lost a chunk of my savings straight from my bank account, I realized identity protection services serve an important role, and I started looking into them. 

It turns out many identity protection services are legitimate. And Aura, though seemingly new, is one of the safest (and most effective) ones you can use.

Why You Should Get Aura:

  • Those who want to protect their identity with award-winning identity theft and credit monitoring.
  • Those who want to ensure they can completely restore their identity if the worst happens. With Aura’s white-glove restoration services and 24/7/365 customer service, you can.
  • Those who want $1 million in identity theft insurance per adult on the plan to cover expenses, stolen funds, and legal fees. Aura allows for five adults on one plan, bringing this total to $5 million!
  • Those with children that they need to protect online. Aura offers an extensive list of parental controls and safe gaming features that help monitor cyberbullying, grooming, and harassment within online games.
  • Those who want the best value in identity protection. With our discount code, you can cut down Aura’s already affordable rates even further.

Why Aura Is Legitimate 

Aura is relatively new to the identity protection scene, which might make you question its legitimacy. But you shouldn’t

If you look closer, you’ll find Aura is an off-shoot of Identity Guard. Identity Guard was one of the first identity protection services – it started in 1996! For nearly the last two decades, Identity Guard has been protecting people’s identities for nearly the last two decades. 

In that time, it hasn’t had a single breach. And Aura uses the same security measures to ensure its customer information is safe.

I never felt like Aura was asking for more than it needed to, either. Linking financial accounts and adding information like your driver’s license number is optional (though you’ll need to if you want to take full advantage of Aura’s services). 

So, yes, Aura is legtimate. It’s NOT a scam. And if you’re considering purchasing it, you should. 

Here’s why…

Aura Protects The Important Stuff 

This starts with its award-winning identity theft and credit monitoring, which is both comprehensive and accurate. It includes things that few other services offer, like home and auto title monitoring. And it’s more accurate than most services I’ve tested

A couple of other services tie with Aura when it comes to the number of threats it finds, but no one surpasses it, which lets me know it’s finding everything it can on the dark web. For me, it found two dark web alerts and several password alerts in a matter of seconds

Aura dashboard

Aura’s credit monitoring tools are also better than average. Alongside three-bureau credit monitoring, It includes a handy, in-portal Experian credit lock tool. And they’ll assist you with freezing your child’s credit too. 

aura credit

If you do end up an identity theft victim, you can rest easy knowing that Aura’s expert team will help you restore your identity. They’re available 24/7/365, and when I’ve called their helpline, I’ve had nothing but good experiences. I even called at 4 a.m. once just to test them, and they still had no problem meeting my needs.

Plus, Aura includes a $1 million identity theft insurance policy. This policy increases by an additional million with each adult you add to your plan – which brings me to the next benefit…

Aura is one of the only services that allow for more than two adults on a family plan (they allow up to five). This means you can keep protecting your children as they go into college, you can protect your aging parents, or you can protect a dependent sibling – whoever you need to cover.  

And Aura doesn’t stop there. In many ways, it’s more than an identity protection service – it’s a full digital safety service. Because with Aura, you also get a full suite of online privacy tools, including data broker removal services, a VPN, antivirus software, and an ad-blocker. 

On top of that, family plans come with award-winning parental and safe gaming controls. These allow parents to set screen times, block sites, and pause the internet from any device. They also keep kids safe when they’re playing online games by monitoring interactions for signs of grooming, harassment, and cyberbullying

See what I mean? 

Aura helps you keep everything important safe – from your home title to your school-age child who loves playing internet games. 

So, Is Aura Legit or a Scam?

Aura is legit. There’s no doubt about that. Though, I get why you asked. 

When presented with a list of benefits this exhaustive, it’s normal to think it’s too good to be true – especially when you realize Aura’s prices are far lower than most other services (and when you use our discount code, you can slash them down even further).

But Aura is the real deal. I know because I’ve tested it and many other services. And Aura is the only one I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who asks, making it the furthest thing possible from a scam.

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