Is Roblox Safe For Kids? A Complete Safety Guide

Last Updated on April 30, 2024

Are you curious about why kids are drawn to playing Roblox and whether it’s safe? 

My nephew was one of them. He was hooked – playing all the time

It is no secret that the world has changed a lot since we were growing up. While Roblox provides a fun and creative gaming experience, it may not always be a safe option for kids. The platform does its best to protect children through filters and age limits, but that is not enough.

Over 20 million people play Roblox daily, but all those gamers are not children. 

Continue reading to learn how to ensure your kids’ safety while they enjoy Roblox.

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What Is Roblox?

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Roblox is an online multiplayer user-generated content platform. What does this mean for your child? Roblox lets kids create and play whatever they want on a phone, computer, or Mac. Young developers can develop new games. 

Gamers play them for fun, to show off their creativity, to learn how to make games, or to make money. But of course, most are happy with just the gaming, especially since it’s a social game with built-in chat

Since the pandemic, Roblox has been a craze with kids, with nearly 80% of users under 16 years of age. All the games on the Roblox list have age ratings, and many depend on communication between players to reach their goals. 

Many users create experiences on the platform that have adult content, like expletives, violence, and graphic images. But that is not the only danger Roblox can pose to kids and teens.

Consider this demographic. Over 20 million people play Roblox every day, of these:

25% of Roblox users are under 9,
29% are between the ages of 9 and 12
13% are between the ages of 13 and 16
16% of users are between 17 and 24
 14% of users are over 25.

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Threats Kids May Face While Playing Roblox

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As with any online platform, there is a high potential for children to come into contact with predators, adult material, cyberbullying, racism, hatred, and other forms of extremism.

Predators On Roblox

Parents should consider that other players their kid might meet online may be adults. For instance, one mother published screenshots of profiles she found on Roblox that she said were recruiting kids into white supremacist groups, raising money for neo-Nazis, and glorifying serial killers.

In March this year, Alberta Police tried to warn the public about the dangers of gaming. One child was secretly contacted on a third-party app by someone they met on Roblox and groomed into sending them sexually explicit images of themselves.

There are also reports of children blundering into sex rooms, targeted by strangers, hacking that allowed virtual gang-rape, lured to more dangerous apps and websites, and even getting abducted for real just recently in 2022.

Inappropriate Content

Roblox has no age limit for users or developers. Although it has chat filters, people still communicate improper and obscene content on the platform and engage in inappropriate behavior

Players may engage in chat-based activities, such as in-game voice chat with users aged 13 and over, and explore virtual worlds with potentially offensive content. 

Parents may be unaware of the types of content unsuitable for children. They can be extreme, such as concentration camps, fake strip clubs, racist games, etc. 

Cyberbullying On Roblox

Bullying is not happening only in the schoolyard anymore; it happens anywhere kids hang out with other kids. More than 90% of gamers experience someone emotionally abusing or bullying them while they play video games like Roblox. 

While Roblox does watch the chat for bad words and images, some inappropriate behavior may go undetected. 

For example, Fashion Director Sara Louise Petty said her son got bullied and spent $1,250 without informing her. The child spent the money to buy Robux (Roblox in-game currency) to appease the boys who were after him.

Robux And Scammers

Robux is a virtual currency that players use to purchase items and upgrades on the Roblox platform. Players can buy Roblox using either real money or virtual currency. Like most online games, children may initially feel tempted to use their own money to purchase more Robux or get incentivized to do certain activities in return for Robux. 

Malicious scammers may attempt to deceive users into clicking on links within chat messages and pop-up ads to steal Robux, or real money, from children. Roblox scammers can even lure users away with the promise of free rewards or Robux.

Hackers Hijack

Roblox also has a community of users who beam or hack other users, which means criminals can hack into an account to steal high-value virtual items. These criminals then sell the stolen items on underground markets for dollars or cryptocurrency.

Information Stealing And Phishing

Financial fraud may happen when children get compelled into sharing personal and confidential information with strangers, which can compromise their safety. 

If children share their login credentials or get hacked, the offender could hack into their Robux account. Additionally, the criminal may take advantage of connected payment methods, such as a credit card. The bad news, your security can be at risk.

Phishing attacks can steal a Roblox account while the user is on a fraudulent website. They will ask the user to log in with a username and password, promising free Robux if you do. Then they save all the info, so they can use it to steal your password. 

Virus Threats

If your child plays Roblox, they may risk being infected or having their account stolen by malware. According to a study, Roblox malware accounts for 9.6% of cyber threats related to gaming. Even though hackers cannot put a virus in the game, they can still find ways to make users leave their platform, and they may get infected or have their accounts stolen. 

Hackers use Roblox as bait for other cyber threats. They may lure or trick the child into downloading an exe-based program. Once the kid opens it, it will infect your computer with malware that can steal your data, like your banking info and passwords.

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The Age Restriction Limits On Roblox

The Entertaining Software Rating Board (ESRB) has changed the average Roblox age rating from Everyone 10+ to Teen. 

The platform now has more content for different ages. Roblox has created guidelines for all users. When they play an experience, users can see the age guidelines and descriptions of what is in it.

For Everyone: In general, all ages can enjoy the content. This content may contain some minimal violence or minimal imaginary blood.

9+:  This content is appropriate for those ages 9+. It could have occasional mild violence, plenty of fictional blood, or even some rough comedy.

13+: In general, the target audience is 13 and older. It could also have unusable gambling material or some realistic blood, coarse humor, and may have violence.

17+: Ages 17 and up are the only demographic for this content. It might have graphic violence, realistic blood, abrasive comedy, romantic themes, unusable gambling, or liquor.

Roblox does not automatically perform age verification measures to prevent kids from viewing the content, although it provides guidelines that indicate which age groups can enjoy their games.

Due to the emphasis on user-generated material, there is no way to know what your child may view while playing. The PEGI has raised Roblox’s rating from PEGI 7 to – Parental Guidance Recommended- due to the inherent dangers of its design.

Steps To Keep Your Child Safe On Roblox

Here are some proactive measures to safeguard your child as they play online games, so you will not have to worry about whether Roblox is safe for kids.

Maintain A Private Account For Your Child

It is crucial to your child to keep their account private and safe on Roblox for numerous reasons. Firstly, it will save them from strangers or predators if they only permit friends to contact them. You, the parent, will have greater control over their buddy list if they have a private account, allowing you to ensure their safety.

Create Parental Pin

If you want to make sure your kid cannot get into your account settings, you can add a 4-digit PIN. Once you create the PIN, you can enter it whenever you want to change your password, email address, or privacy settings. That way, nobody can change anything you set up. 

You can have all this set up with Parental Controls.

Now, how should you create a Roblox parent PIN:

Access your account by logging in. 
Click on Account Settings. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner to open the gear menu.
Set up your PIN. Choose the Parental Controls tab from the settings menu, then toggle the option to enable (and generate) a PIN.

Create A Strong Password And Two-Factor Authentication 

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Kids often use weak passwords and share login info with friends, putting your information at risk of being hacked or stolen. 

Use strong passwords and 2-factor authentication to make it harder for someone to access your account. Ensure the new password has a unique combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. 

Use a password manager like 1Password to store and enter your passwords. Check the Roblox help pages for instructions on how to set up different methods. It is essential to make your password secure to protect online data.

Activate Safe Gaming Features To Monitor Chat History

The primary concern of many parents is the possibility their child may get exposed to an online predator. Roblox blocks inappropriate content, but parents can monitor their online conversations to ensure safety.

Aura provides secure gaming controls to track down instances related to online harassment, cyberbullying, discrimination, and grooming in more than 200 games. Likewise, it allows parents to watch text chat to observe new friends and conversations.

Block Inappropriate Conversations

You can block other players who are bothering, threatening, or spamming your child based on the Roblox security features section. 

And that is a great way to protect your child if they are cyberbullied or heckled.

By blocking users, you will stop the inappropriate user from contacting your child through Roblox. 

Go to the user account.
In the top right corner, click on the three dots.
Now, a menu appears. Tap on – Block User.

Allowed Experiences on Roblox

Parents can set Allowed Experiences on Roblox to control the types of content their kids can access. For instance, you can select account restrictions on specific games, apps, and movies based on the age of your young ones.

In the Parental Controls section of the Roblox Settings menu, you can click on -Allowed Experiences.
After that, you can pick the highest level that your child can enter.
Once you establish this, a green message will display – Saved successfully.

Keep A Vigilant Eye On Activities

When you are a parent, it is critical to monitor their online activities. As your child gets older, you can let them play online, but take the device away from them now and then to check their apps. During times when they are playing Roblox on their own, make sure to stay on top of what they are doing and make sure everything is okay.

Take Advantage Of The Chat Filter

Roblox also has a chat filter to filter any inappropriate language or messages.

Login to the Roblox account of your child
Go to the settings
Tap on Privacy
Scroll to the Chat option
Turn on the Filter Language tab
Press the tab Advanced next to Filter Language. Now, you can set specific words or phrases to block.
Set the filter level to Moderate or Strict depending on the age and preferences of your kid.

After setting up your chat filter, watch your chat logs to ensure it works properly. If you see any terms or words not filtered, you can notify Roblox.

Use An Anti-Virus Program And A VPN For Protection

Install anti-virus software like McAfee and Malwarebytes to ensure your kids are safe online. Regularly scan your devices for suspicious programs. Use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) like Surfshark or ExpressVPN to encrypt data. 

When your kids talk to strangers online, the VPN will mask the IP addresses and locations on every device you use. It helps protect Roblox data. Except for you, you can see them.

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Have Conversations With Your Child About Safety Online

Talking about Roblox and online safety with children can help them defend themselves against harassment and data theft. Remember, children may not have the skills to manage cyberbullying, phishing, or other forms of online crime.

Nearly one million American children fall victim to child identity theft every year. Educate your child on the dangers of giving out personal information.

Since identity theft is something kids have no idea about, it becomes even more vital that you keep their privacy settings up to date before giving them access.

Educate Your Child About How To Report Abuse

Your kid must know how to report any inappropriate language or abuse they see on Roblox! 

On Roblox, there is a link to report abuse under the description of each game, so you can easily file a complaint. 
You can also click on the gamer tags of individual players to report them for abusive language. 
Additionally, talk about unacceptable language openly and let your child know you are there to support them if anything makes them uncomfortable.

Set Screen Time On Roblox

Roblox keeps people playing, but excessive gaming can lead to social problems and health issues. 

Set time limits in Roblox and make a family media plan with rules. 
Urge time away from the screen with frequent screen breaks. 
Utilize Parental Controls to handle their screen time.

Talk To Your Child About Adult Content

Parents should talk to their kids about what to do if they encounter adult content on Roblox.

They should insist on gaming in a shared space, set a protocol, and maintain an ongoing conversation about online safety. 
Children may stumble across inappropriate content and should prepare for uncomfortable situations. 
Parents should supervise the games they play and be available to help with any problems. 
Maintaining open lines of communication around adult content can help kids feel comfortable talking about anything gaming-related.

The Bottom Line: Protect Your Child On Roblox

I hope this article has helped you find ways to protect your child from the dangers of online games like Roblox.

With proper parental controls set in motion and regular check-ins with your child, you can give them all the fun of Roblox and keep them safe from predators, hackers, and unsavory online behavior.

We recommend using the Aura to protect their children online. Also, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like Surfshark or Express VPN and anti-virus software such as McAfee or Malwarebytes. Anti-virus software will detect and protect against all types of malware.

Moreover, you have the option to select Aura for its excellent services, which include robust parental controls and the ability to disable internet access on any device. Aura also offers secure gaming controls to detect cyberbullying indicators and monitor the dark web.

Additionally, Aura provides family identity theft protection.