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Coptic Christians Slaughtered in Egypt As Ramadan Begins

May 27, 2017

BREAKING: 10 of the 29 dead ID'd as children heading to monastery to pray

The Meaning of Memorial Day

May 26, 2017

They are, in a word, selfless and they will lead us into a 21st century of freedom, innovation, growth and human development...

Trump Budget Reduces Government's Role in Higher Ed, Will Curtail Runaway Tuition Prices

May 26, 2017

Many economists have pointed to the heavy subsidization of federal student loans as one of the primary drivers of rising tuition.

Late-Night Trump Hatred vs. Primetime News

May 26, 2017

The anti-Trump venom from the mainstream media has become so virulent that broadcasters and reporters alike risk becoming little more than extensions of the late-night “comedic” lineup, bashing the President without regard for truth or factual accuracy.

Don't Allow Lobbyist And Deceiving Voices Conceal The Truth About Venezuela

May 26, 2017

More than fifty days after mass civil disobedience began in Venezuela, more than 50 people have died at the hands of the government. People have lost fear and the government is resorting to more measures that are repressive to subdue the population.

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